8 thoughts on “On the way home

  1. That how you better go to court. When you tell the judge you dont have any money. His first question will be how did you get here.

  2. Sht… that niggar still has a bike after being raped financially.

    I had to fcking walk on the strip from CCDC all the way to the Luxor.

    Then call a cab to drop me off at where I worked and luckily my dead Uncle picked me up.

    After sleeping in my fkng car for a while.

    I did get a new shirt at CVS on the strip walking though.

    It had an American Flag on it that said Las Vegas U.S.A.

    Kind of Ironic don’t ya think….?

    But…. I have to look at the brightside…

    In about another year and a half…

    I’ll finally have my dick paid off.

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