One arrested in maskless protest at San Antonio mall

Dec 25, 2020

News2Share has obtained exclusive new video of the December 22nd arrest of Eric Braden, who participated in a maskless protest at the North Star Mall in San Antonio Texas against pandemic restrictions.

”I’m a disabled veteran of the United States Army,” Braden could be heard shouting at officers as he was forced to the ground. He is charged with “criminal trespass.”

“We were guilty of no crimes and the SAPD have thoroughly violated their oaths,” said Braden when reached by News2Share for comment. “That’s the only statement I really have to make.”

Other participants reportedly left the scene following the arrest.

Braden is affiliated with the “Southern Patriot Council” – a Texas-based militia organization.

4 thoughts on “One arrested in maskless protest at San Antonio mall

  1. Instead of their horrible singing, everyone there “protesting” should have took out the gestapo thugs assaulting that disabled veteran. Until that starts happening, this shit will never end.

  2. When people go to these protest .. which I wouldn’t, ya better be prepared to fight. I am ashamed that these people let their compatriot leave in handcuffs .. These pricks are breaking the law on so many levels, yet these people that were with him let him get molested by these pricks. People should have started beating the shit out of these A-holes. and if need be shooting their ass’s in the face.. find out where they live and burn their home to the ground.

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