22 thoughts on “One of many reasons to fight!

  1. Absolutely, Hal. Everything pictured there has no malicious intent and was created to sustain each other.

    Enter, the interloper, with nothing but greed and avarice in place of a heart. It is a monster and to kill it is only self defense and preservation of mankind and creation.

      1. (Laughing) Back at ya. Today someguy called me a dog…..Naw, That there is Littles a.k.a. Weaslesnake. The rats fear her! 😉

    1. 🙂 Thank you. She says “Whatcha got there grampa” She wanted to taste them tiny bitter crab apples. LOL She likes them! We picked her a better one though.

  2. Yup, my daughter is the main reason I decided to stay and fight. Besides, no running from this crap anyway.

    1. Shoot, that’s my youngest daughters child Mark. I’m a grand pappy. Thank you.
      Hey Mark, do you go by the Sioux Falls area often? I’m not far from the Flyin J on North I-29 and happy to buy you a cup.

  3. I asked to post these photos on the account of my appreciation for you all and to let you all know that I will stand! Anytime! When the time comes!

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