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Open government Audit – Pa. State Senator Democrat Daylin Leach

Published on Oct 11, 2016

I wanted to see my State Senator’s appointment calendar for Aug. 2016 and Sept. 2016 ( ala Jeff Gray ). It is a public record available to anyone who wishes to see it. So I went to Pa. State Senator Daylin Leach’s local office in my town. This may be the perfect video to use to show other public officials that this is NOT the way to handle a public records request and NOT the way to treat citizens when they try and make an appointment with their local representative. It is so sad the way your government doesn’t care, lies, hides public information and happily shows disgust and disdain for anyone who dare stand up looking for transparency. No one holds these “untouchables” accountable and they feel they can shit all over us. I, for one, will not allow their actions and no one else should either. Turns out this creepy, unhinge traitor Leach is just a paid shill for hillary. SHOCKER. If any one wants to call or post your thoughts about the actions of the Senators office help, please do – see below for contact info.

(610) 768-4200 State Senator Daylin Leach, Phone…

Seems like he has another facebook page..

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