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Operation Gotham Shield: Improvised Nuclear Detonation Drill April 26th In New Jersey

Published on Apr 19, 2017 by DAHBOO777
Operation Gotham Shield/Improvised Nuclear Detonation Incident – April 26, 2017 :: This is a reminder that on April 26, 2017 – HCANJ/LANJ will be participating in “Operation Gotham Shield” in conjunction with our NJESF #8 Partners including NJDOH-PHILEP, New Jersey Medical Services Task Force, Office of the Medical Examiner, NJDHS-Disaster Terrorism Branch, Urban Area Strategic Initiative, as well as, State Office of Emergency Management, local, county and Federal Law Enforcement agencies.
Our members will receive exercise information prior to and during the exercise date that may solicit your facility to provide specific information related to available bed status to assist in medical surge. Only ONE individual per facility should respond to requests that are generated via our AMERILERT system, BUT your facility will be expected to respond to AMERILERT requests during the exercise.
The following exercise objectives have been established for HCANJ/LANJ.
Objective 1: Examine the operational coordination and interface of the NJSP SEOC, NJDOH Health Command Center (HCC), and Regional Medical Coordination Centers (MCC) to provide and maintain a common operational picture during an improvised nuclear detonation incident in accordance with NJESF#8 and established plans, policies, and procedures.

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  2. avgjoe says:

    Unless there is a mass Exodus of Jews in your A.O. then don’t be worried.

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