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Opposition to Syria War Goes All the Way to the Pentagon

Washington’s Blog

Military Is Opposed to Syria War

Many current and former military officers are highly skeptical of any military engagement with Syria.

They are speaking out in interviews, in photos, and in conversations with politicians.

And the doubts go all the way up to the Pentagon.  

Professor Jonathan Turley has been ranked as one of the top 10 lawyers handling military cases, has a frequent witness before the House and Senate,  was found to be the second most cited law professor in the country, is a member of the USA Today board of contributors, and has worked as the CBS and NBC legal analyst, respectively, during national controversies.

Turley writes this week:

I have spoken to people at the Pentagon who have complained privately that there appears to be no adult supervision at the White House and that there is major opposition to this course in the military. The feeling is that Obama aides are drifting again into a war with wider implications and uncertain ends.

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2 Responses to Opposition to Syria War Goes All the Way to the Pentagon

  1. Drutch says:

    There is an easy solution. Follow Egypt’s lead and toss Obummers ass out of office and into prison. It’s called a military coup and it is way past time to implement one. The people will back the military, hands down.

    • NC says:

      I hope We the people will literally back the military and place the military in check after doing so, as we don’t want a military government in place afterwards like Egypt. It’s time we toss the traitors at the White House down the drain and plug it permanently.

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