Oregon Health Exchange Sends Customers Potential ‘Dear John’ Letter

Reason – by Scott Shackford

It’s not you, Oregonians, it’s them. It was clear from the start that the relationship wasn’t exactly working out. Now Oregon’s health exchange is warning its customers that it may be over and they should look elsewhere for love and support from a health insurance provider.

From The Oregonian:  

Oregon’s troubled health insurance exchange began robocalling applicants Friday, warning them that if they don’t receive enrollment confirmation by Monday, they should seek coverage elsewhere for Jan. 1.

“If you haven’t heard from us by Dec. 23, it is unlikely your application will be processed for Jan. 1 insurance coverage,” a woman’s voice on the pre-recorded call from Cover Oregon says. “If you want to be sure you have insurance coverage starting Jan. 1, you have other options.”

It’s yet another sign that the health insurance exchange’s technological breakdowns will prevent some — perhaps many — Oregonians from getting subsidized coverage Jan. 1, despite Gov. John Kitzhaber’s previous assurances otherwise. Out of more than 65,000 applicants, the exchange reports enrolling nearly 30,000, but only about 11,000 of them in private insurance plans.

Read the whole story here.


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