Organic panty liners found contaminated with glyphosate weedkiller

Natural News – by Jennifer Lea Reynolds

Over 3,000 boxes of cotton-based panty liners have been pulled off the shelves in Canada and France, after findings that they contained glyphosate, the active – and cancer-causing – ingredient inMonsanto’s Roundup. Italian manufacturer Corman made the decision to pull the Organyc brand upon the discovery that the chemical was detected in five of 11 feminine hygiene products that were analyzed. The decision to remove items from shelves also involved Organyc brand tampons as well.  

Corman maintains that the decision was a “precaution,” adding that although only approximately, “25 nanogrammes per gramme” of glyphosate was found, it’s still a matter of concern. “These traces should not be present in organic cotton,” the manufacturer said. A spokeswoman for Corman stated, “We don’t think it is dangerous, it’s simply a precautionary measure, because our priority is the safety and health of our consumers.”

Of the notion that it’s not dangerous, we beg to differ. It’s our thought that ANY amount of glyphosate – or anything known to be harmful to the human body – presents a danger and should be avoided.

Glyphosate’s been lingering in feminine hygiene products for a long time …

Interestingly, Health Ranger Mike Adams reported on this issue many months ago, reminding readers that 85 percent of women are using feminine hygiene products that contain glyphosate. In his article, the title of which asks, “Are you putting Monsanto in your vagina?” he raises some disturbing points, including the fact that in the late 1970s and early 1980s, women were killed after using tampons.

He wrote, “Although the FDA and the feminine hygiene industry have gone to tremendous lengths to try to memory hole this true history (and label it just a ‘rumor’), tampons made from certain non-natural fibers were found to harbor deadly bacteria and release a sufficient quantity of chemicals to kill or injure over a thousand women.”

The glyphosate-spraying loophole that makes it possible for the chemical to end up virtually everywhere

Think about it: It’s acceptable for non-GMO crops to be sprayed with glyphosate. Yes, you read correctly. As long as the spraying is done before planting or prior to harvest, it’s A-okay to do. Basically, that’s how the toxic chemical ends up in everything from your children’s oat-based cereal to those “natural” panty liners and other feminine hygiene products.

Health-conscious writer Meghan Telpner states, “I say heck no to sticking toxic cotton up into my nethers.” She refers to tampons as “death sticks,” and informs people that 84 million pounds of pesticides are sprayed on 14.4 million acres of conventional cotton that’s grown in the United States on an annual basis.

Unfortunately, there isn’t even a feeling of safety inherent in the term “cotton-based” anymore. Monsanto’s got its hands everywhere, even in instances you’d assume they wouldn’t.

No matter how low the levels, glyphosate is bad – plain and simple

But Mike Adams is quick to call the greedy folks at Monsanto out, indicating that even low levels of the chemical are dangerous. “Glyphosate has even been found to promote cancer at parts per trillion concentrations,” he explains, “meaning that even low-level exposure from tampons might lead to deadly cancers in women. (The GMO industry says women who are concerned about GMOs are ‘anti-science’ and too stupid to understand technology.)”

He goes on to say that, “It is inarguable that the human vagina readily absorbs chemicals found in tampons. When those tampons are made from GMO cotton — the vast majority of cotton that’s commercially grown — they almost always contain glyphosate that gets absorbed through vaginal walls and enters the bloodstream.”

Other feminine hygiene brands that have come under scrutiny in this same regard involve Procter & Gamble’s Always sanitary pads and Tampax tampons, as well as Johnson & Johnson’s o.b. and Nett tampons.

Is anyone safe from glyphosate anymore?

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  1. “These traces should not be present in organic cotton,” the manufacturer said.”


    “… ANY amount of glyphosate – or anything known to be harmful to the human body – presents a danger and should be avoided.”


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