Oroville Dam Update – May 20 2019 – HARD EVIDENCE

This is an incredibly revealing video about what is really going on at the Oroville Dam.
Apparently the Susan Wolding channel won’t allow it played on other sites, probably because she has been barraged by attacks from government shills since the 2017 Oroville debacle.’

YT won’t allow comments for the same reason. They want her channel isolated. It’s that good and informative. Seriously. Please watch it yourself on youtube here and you will see. 

I don’t know if you know that the company, Kiewit Engineering, that did this $1.2 Billion repair on Oroville spillway is the contractor that won the bid to take out/ remove/ destroy ~4 Dams on the Klamath River.

Whatever your opinion on Dam removal, I find it incredible that the same company is going from repairing 1 Dam to destroying 4 Dams.

Published on May 21, 2019

All the facts now exposed. Stop and read the pages, some old and some new. It’s your decision to stay or go, I am just providing information to help you make that decision. I do not get paid, not monetized, no clickbait. Information provided by experts in the field of Dams, BOC reports, observed and other information obtained from concerned citizens. I pray for your safety.

2 thoughts on “Oroville Dam Update – May 20 2019 – HARD EVIDENCE

  1. Gee, why would the video owner disable playback on other websites unless YouTube threatened the video owner? And, of course, comments are disabled on YouTube.

  2. Probably disabled so she doesn’t get attacked from every shill on the Internet. Think!
    Same deal with the comments.
    Go to the Susan Wolding YT channel and watch this video she put out yesterday and you will know more than all but a few hundred people are aware of about the Oroville Dam.
    For crying out loud.
    I’m just trying to get information out before GooTube (with a soft G) rabbit holes it.

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