5 thoughts on “Our daily dosing of chemicals-Iowa

  1. I spent the day working ground in N.C. Iowa yesterday. I noticed that, too. Then, out of nowhere small, light showers. None in the forecast for yesterday. See what today brings.

  2. Where Im from , they are spraying the shit out of us..Mostly overnight so we dont notice , but in the morning there is such a haze at high altitude the sun can barely poke thru

    amazing how many people dont realize it , and probably wouldnt know what they are looking at, if they even look up

    But I can tell you the sky sure looks different then when I was a kid , and I have many pictures with sky in the back ground that sure never looked like this
    I used to be a big sky watcher , because as a child I always wanted to be a pilot ( didnt get to realize that dream until 14 years ago) and I never remember seeing what I see now

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    1. Quite right. These are not the ‘trails’ of yesteryear. Contrails do not form clouds nor linger in the sky.

      Sunday ‘they’ laid the lines lenghtwise (finite; a start & stop point) over Lake Tahoe. Very strange.

      Tight paralel lines, in multiple directions here throughout yesterday.

      Today – cough hard all day long.

  3. Huge opperation. Nation wide, liely world wide.

    So many people must be involved between ground & flight crews.

    How manufactors this shit?

    So many people and nary a word…

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