Over 200 Firefighters Battle Blaze at Bronx Apartment Building

Breitbart – by Amy Furr

It took 215 New York City Fire Department (FDNY) firefighters to quell a blaze in a Bronx apartment building on Friday evening.

Reports said one civilian and seven firefighters were injured during the five-alarm fire that started on the sixth floor of the building located on the Grand Concourse by East 172nd Street. 

Two of the building’s nine wings went up in flames as residents and neighbors watched from the street below, according to CBS New York.

“We were in our fifth-floor apartment getting ready for bed and we smell smoke and we come out and the roof is on fire,” said resident Felicia Gibbs. “So the apartment above us we see lights going back and forth, they bust the windows already so I’m hoping they don’t have to go down a floor cause that’d be us.”

Reports said seven firefighters were taken to the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital along with one apartment resident who was treated for heavy smoke inhalation.

However, resident Noura Nana said she was able to escape unharmed from her fifth-floor apartment with her husband and two kids when the fire began.

“When I walked out (of my apartment) there was fire and water and smoke. We grabbed our children and I ran down with my kids and husband,” Nana recalled. “I don’t know if my apartment was ruined. I don’t know anything. I might not have anything anymore.”

One woman who lives on the sixth floor of the aparment told reporters that she was unable to see anything as the smoke and flames grew worse.

“We couldn’t even breathe, we couldn’t see anything, it was straight pitch-black,” she said.

On Friday night, the FDNY tweeted a video of the scene which showed first responders and residents standing on the street below the burning apartment building:

“Per #FDNY Fire Marshals: Cause of last night’s 5-alarm fire at 1555 Grand Concourse in the #Bronx was accidental, electrical (hard wired). Smoke alarms present and operational,” the FDNY tweeted on Saturday morning.


9 thoughts on “Over 200 Firefighters Battle Blaze at Bronx Apartment Building

  1. did everyone get out? was everyone ok?? i mean, AFTER it freefell in its own footprint?? it did fall, right? ’cause everybody knows that what buildings on fire do.. or even if not on fire!
    ”Pistilli Realty Buys $30M Bronx Rental From Harry Silverstein’s Estate” … whoda thunk it!! copy that and look it up.

  2. “Two of the building’s nine wings went up in flames…”

    Well, wonder of wonders… those just happened to be the same two wings that had been slated for renovation… just last week, no less.

    Go figure. 🙄

          1. He hates texting. Has a basic phone and texting isn’t simple (remember having to punch each number to get the correct individual letter of the alphabet? LOL). Email is much easier for him. 😉

          2. Angel’s right about that, Mark, I hate texting.

            That aside, however, I checked our weather report… fifty percent chance of rain this coming Tue., and then no more than 20 percent until the following Tue.

            I will definitely find something online tomorrow… thanks again, brother. )

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