9 thoughts on “Paid Murderer Pharmicist Lies About Covid Jabs ! Patriot Confronts Her

    1. I worked in the medical community for 16 years. As soon as that biological weapon covid was released, the hospital I worked at handed all the employees paper work we had to keep with us that we were supposed to hand to a corporate policy enforcer in case we were stopped giving us a pass not to be detained because we were essential workers. Then they started coercing their employees to get the shot to keep their jobs. I finally walked away from a job i loved doing because i seen all the doctors and staff in lock step like nothing was wrong and i just couldn’t do it any longer. These people are pathetic. Most people would rather go along with the story instead of taking a chance and being uncomfortable and just not comply. Its really that easy to say no.

      1. Please do not refer to Covid unless you can produce the study affirming its existence.
        I don’t know what this shit is or how many varieties they are spraying on us and the shedding of the people taking the shot, which is not a vaccine, not a vaccine, not a vaccine, but any time the word Covid is not followed by the words does not exist, it is to the advantage of the people who poison us.
        So I will fix your comment by saying Covid 19 doesn’t exist. Covid 19 doesn’t exist. Covid 19 doesn’t exist.
        Never add affirmation to a lie in any context.

        1. I hear you Henry and I agree with you. I just think they weaponized something, to study how quickly it would spread. I been sick twice and its like a really bad chest cold you cant shake.i don’t get sick but when i do I’m usually over it in a few days at most. Sorry i mis-spoke, i do that sometimes.

  1. That’s some level of fear of the covaids, willing to get the clot shot in the eyeball if necessary.

    Her kid will be as much of a dumb pu**y as she is.

  2. She said the “vaccine” has not killed anyone yet.

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! Wow…..what a tool.

    And then she plays the “associated with vs the from it” card that Big Pharma tells them to recite.


    Use your brain, woman!!!!

  3. One thing about talking to people wearing masks is that you concentrate on their eyes more. Her’s are speaking volumes & they are saying “I AM A BIG FAT LIAR & I KNOW IT!” and “I hope I can remember my script from staff training so I can sell you this product & make lots of $$$ for my pharmacy!”.

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