Parasite Turning Us All Into Zombies

TruTV – by Lyz Lenz

According to scientists, at least 40% of the population may be living at the mercy of the parasites that infect their brains. That’s right: just under half the world’s humans have been turned into the real-life equivalent of zombies.

Neuroparasitology, or what the UK Telegraph calls “zombie reprogramming,” is a result of parasites or other microbes entering the brain and rewiring how you think and act. While this most often occurs in nature, it can happen in humans.  For example, researchers at Binghamton University recorded the activity of 36 academics before and after receiving the flu vaccine, and the results were terrifying.  

Says the Telegraph:

“Before the vaccination, according to the journal Annals of Epidemiology, they interacted with an average of 54 people a day; afterwards it shot up to 101. Yet the amount of time they actually spent with each person plummeted – from 33 to 2.5 minutes.”

It’s as if the flu virus wanted them to find new people to infect.

The article also mentions a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. Transmitted from cats, this parasite clusters in the brain’s fear and pleasure centers. Researchers have noticed that humans with the parasite have greater risk of suicide and drive recklessly. Basically, researchers have finally discovered the cause of Tea Partyism (just kidding) and justified your crippling fear of insects.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go honor our new overlords and masters: the single-celled organism.

10 thoughts on “Parasite Turning Us All Into Zombies

  1. Good one Admin.This is only to be expected sooner or later. Remember that “Mad cow desease” and those brain prions that were causing brain lesions. Yea these parasites are sick aren`t they.

  2. This is the perfect cover for the explanation they’ll give the troops as justifcation for killing the population. Zombie apocalypse.

    Stay locked and loaded, people.

    1. Remember the H1N1 vax and the link to narcolepsy? In Africa, where they were testing vaccines children were getting the ‘nodding disease’ (aka narcolepsy). It has progressed to the ‘zombie disease’. We have lived with Toxoplasma gondii yet now we are to be afraid of another disease that one in five people supposedly have? But the real mystery is why only some people go crazy and others don’t. What about the kids who got zombie disease and didn’t have the parasite?

      I smell a trap and it appears that someone wants people to turn on their loved ones and neighbors for their own good. I am with Diggerdan.

  3. Wow!

    Thanks for this. I thought I had done a complete analysis of the mind liquefying in my book The Rise and Fall of Kingdom Plantae, but I had completely missed the drive to infect others.

    Spreading The Disease, as Queensryche would say…

  4. 54 persons and 33 minutes per day equals 1782 minutes, or 29.7 hours a day . . . hmmmmm … I guess this is plural, but it is quite unclear.

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