11 thoughts on “[Parody] Ben Shapiro Boll & Branch Advertisement

    1. I like that whoever made the vid is poking fun at Shapiro for his sheet ad.

      Am not sure if you’re referring to Shapiro or the to whomever did the video. Hope your friend knows Shapiro is fully on the Trump Train.


      1. I hate typos. And for some reason I cannot edit. Not sure how to correct that. Sorry for the extra “the.”



      2. Don’t know about the Chump aspect, but my friend is one of the few fully awake persons I’ve met here, and I guarantee he’s no Chump fan.

        But he showed me a video of Shapiro debating a tranny, and he ripped that degenerate POS a new one.

        B#tch had NOTHIN’ to counter with, once Shapiro was done.

        In fact, I’m going to get the title of that video from him, and send it in to be posted.

        1. I remember that vid. It was outstanding. It put Shapiro on the map by expanding his audience. He looked like someone who had something to say. And then, as is so often the case, we learn more of who he is and where he stands. This is such an on-going dilemma. Kinda like when we watch Tucker Carlson reports: amazing on some things and then very off on others. What can we do but sort through?


    1. And you can take his woid for it, dey must be da best. A mensch like him would nevah steer ya wrong!

      It is very funny, but ben is quite the zio-commie joo double-talking controlled opposition mouthpiece.

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