6 thoughts on “PART II: Judea Declares War on White Nationalists

  1. Just have a look at the bolshevik revolution and the Holodomor…It’s horrendously upsetting and painfully sobering .
    It all comes quite clear after you pull back to the 100,000 ft view…

    Stop gazing into polluted screens to find what you think you need .

    Look inside yourself .

    What WE need to do here .

    We All FEEL What Time it is …

    And it all starts with We The People coming at them without any regard for the way they “frame” the situation and without regard for the the way they are trying to trick us into fighting them .

    You hit ’em every other way except the way their myriad agents are paid to try and get you to do .

    We are the biggest, the baddest, the most noble and righteous people that have ever been on this planet .

    Our Spirit, intertwined with our bombs, our projectiles and our bayonets, will absolutely Affirm our claim to LIBERTY .

    Life without Liberty can NEVER BE worth the paper these corporate zionists endlessly print.,.,.,.,.,.,

    I’ll see you all up in the hall .

    And I got nothing but love in my heart .

    Oh I’ll bring terrifying hatred and destruction to them, I got ample stores of that for them, but it’s in the name of the LOVE I hold for Liberty and Freedom.

    I feel that, “Love”, is the highest thing anyone can access in this world of chaos and shit………………

    Oh yea we’re gonna get shot and butchered and tested beyond tested just to get back to OUR LAW,
    The suffering, in the end, will be unspeakably beautiful…the height of your commitment to our cause;
    BECAUSE you had that LOVE for life, for Liberty and Freedom , Oh friends, I tell you, what an amazing opportunity we now have before us….do what you must to purchase that highest, most hallowed ground of ALL.
    The Land of Freedom and Liberty…Not as it was, just after the ’75 uprising . Back then it was too soon adulterated and perverted.
    No, let’s wipe out all the usurpers and reinstate our Common Law, just as we always meant it. As it eternally must be.
    Freedom and Liberty for All who can comprehend and abide it. All outliers will be hung upon their own petard and eliminated.

    I feel like I chose to be here, now, to do this thing, to fight these motherfuckers…And I’ll be happy to be the first…or the 100,000th or the 1 millionth…

    This shit needs to get done

    Let Freedom Reign

  2. They look white to me. So they are fighting against the race & color they are part of? Makes no sense, unless you are a zionist or a lubervitcher, then it makes perfect sense.

  3. jews are nothing more than destroyers,
    jews are the most racist breed,
    Those who say they are jews are not jews but worshipers of the synagogue of SATAN.
    jews despise the white race, they hate Christianity, hate Blacks, Muslims …
    They hate everyone who isn’t a jew. The tulmud is a psychopathic rule of garbage.
    jews can’t handle the truth, it drives them insane.
    jews are satan’s children who suffer from numerous chronic diseases from inbreeding, so many in fact I cannot list..
    judaism is communism,
    judaism is Satanism
    judaism is Marxism
    judaism is liberalism
    judaism is feminism
    judaism picks apart the inner fabric of true life.
    Truth really hurts, so suck it up butter cup.

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