Passengers Take Down Armed Robber on Metro Bus

armed robberyThe Daily Sheeple – by Lily Dane

Courageous passengers stopped an armed robber on a Metro bus in Seattle last night.

Around 6 pm, a man wearing pantyhose over his face got on the bus, sat down, and kept to himself for a little while.

When the bus reached the 600 block of California Avenue SW, the man stood up, pulled out a gun, and began robbing passengers.  

After he robbed three people, a group of men on the bus decided they’d had enough and took action.

They tackled the robber and held him down until police arrived.

Kelley Munro lives nearby and witnessed the conclusion of the incident. She told KOMO News what she saw:

“We were sitting out on our balcony and all of the sudden the bus stopped in the street and the doors opened and people started pouring out. There was a lot of chaos. Some people were crying, others were going back on the bus to see if everyone was okay.”

Police detained the 19-year-old thug, who became violent and began kicking the plexiglass window in the police car:

“He was going crazy, screaming and yelling,” Munro said. “They got it him in the car and he was kicking it and kicking it. It was pretty crazy.”

The robber was moved to a prisoner-transport van and was booked into King County Jail on suspicion of three counts of armed robbery.

KOMO News reports:

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7 thoughts on “Passengers Take Down Armed Robber on Metro Bus

  1. “Around 6 pm, a man wearing pantyhose over his face got on the bus, sat down, and kept to himself for a little while.”

    Hmm….gee…so a man wearing pantyhose over his face and sitting down didn’t raise any bells for anyone? Yet, when he pulled out a gun, their sheeple sensors finally activated and went off.

    Wow! Either the author worded this all wrong or the people in our country are much more asleep than I thought.

    1. I’ve seen weirder things on the bus…on one public transit trip I had here in Wichita a woman sat down next to me and out of the blue stated “my daddy let me wear pantyhose today”…I was HIGH too. Couldn’t even look at her after that and pulled the cord thingie, got off next block.

  2. Oh and by the way, expect the gunman to file an assault lawsuit against the the three men who grabbed him and held him down for the police as we all know that if they had just let him rob the people, then no one would of had a problem and the poor robber wouldn’t have gotten hurt.

    See this recent story to understand what I mean by that ridiculous and sarcastic statement:

    Anyways, I’m sure the police will file a “reckless endangerment” charge, “obstruction of justice”, “disorderly conduct”, or “interfering with a public duties” charge on the three men who nabbed the robber and did the police’s job for them, since we all know the police don’t like it when other people steal their thunder and glory before they get there. I know that experience first hand from the Round Rock police when I tried handing over my attacker to them, only to get tased.

    1. Hey you are not far off that thing has happened several times and won in court. Juries are very stupid these days.

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