Paul Ryan Suggests GOP Candidates in Midterms Should Run on Giving Illegals Citizenship

Breitbart – by Tony Lee

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) suggested that Republican candidates in this year’s midterm elections should run on granting a pathway to citizenship for all of the country’s illegal immigrants.

Ryan, who had reportedly been working behind the scenes with Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) to get House Republicans to support a broader immigration bill, said that he was “having problems” convincing conservatives to support immigration reform, which he said was “very important.”  

In a Wednesday interview with Bloomberg News, Ryan said he supported a “path to legalization” for all of the country’s illegal immigrants. He said illegal immigrants should be able to “earn citizenship” after they go to the back of the line and not cut in front of legal immigrants.

When asked if he was saying that if illegal immigrants “do a series of things,” they “can stay here legally forever,” Ryan replied, “They can always get a work permit that is renewed indefinitely.” When asked if he would “like to see Republican candidates run on that in this election cycle,” Ryan replied, “I’m putting it right here in my book.” 

A plurality of Americans in multiple national polls have said they would be less likely to vote for candidates who support amnesty legislation.

When asked if he would urge “talk radio hosts who support your party,” Republican candidates, the GOP leadership, and “everyone” to support a “policy that says those 12 million people, if they do a series of things, can stay here,” Ryan said, “This is what I think we should do; otherwise, I wouldn’t have put it in my book.” 

Ryan said that illegal immigrants should be put on probation, “get right with the law,” come out of the shadows, and earn their ability to stay in the country legally.

The Congressional Budget Office determined that giving amnesty to all the country’s illegal immigrants would lower the wages of American wages, and a recent Reuters poll found that 70% of Americans feel illegal immigrants threaten U.S. beliefs and customs. In addition, nearly 45% want fewer immigrants, while 63% of Americans feel that massive immigration threatens America’s economy. A recent poll from The Polling Company found that a majority of likely voters want to hit the pause button on massive immigration, as Breitbart News reported. An overwhelming majority in that poll feel that U.S. employers must do more to give preference to American workers and legal immigrants who are already in the country. As Breitbart News also reported, 90% of likely voters feel that “U.S.-born workers and legal immigrants already here should get first preference for jobs,” and even strong majorities of those who support legalization and a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants feel that “jobs now held by illegal immigrants should go to American workers.”

8 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Suggests GOP Candidates in Midterms Should Run on Giving Illegals Citizenship

    1. Paul Ryan looks like Romney’s son. A true weasel who looks like a used car salesman. That’s why they went so good together during the last presidential election.

      1. Paul Ryan does look like he could be Mitt Romney’s son now that you mention it. Anyone that makes the suggestion of giving illegals citizenship in this country should be tried for treason against the American people. If these people want to come here legally fine, otherwise they should be sent back across the border ASAP!

        1. I agree with all but your last statement.
          What we need is an absolute prohibition on any further immigration.
          When this was a virgin country looking to be settled and its resources brought to bear, the immigrants who came brought a benefit to those who were already here. Those we see coming at us today come to take away from us. They are leaving countries rich in resource by their own right. They are coolies, peasants, and peons who allowed themselves to be put in and remain in that condition because they are weak, and that is the only thing they are bringing with them as they are taking everything.
          Our founders fought the most powerful king on planet Earth with the most power army of the day. They earned this country for themselves and their progeny.
          If we deported every foreign son of a bitch who has come here through an act of treasonous fraud, there would be about 250 million of us, living quite well on what belongs to us, and our country would insure that our progeny would have the same, many generations into the future.
          Immigration, as an idea, has more than run its course, and now all that is left is blatant, in your face, invasion, theft, robbery, and the ultimate destruction of the greatest idea ever put into motion by civilized men and women.
          We cannot see our great Republic destroyed through an aborted abomination of the ideals upon which it was built. We are going to have to fight for what is ours and tell the rest of the world that if they want what we have, they are going to have to go back to their own countries and fight and die for it, just like our founders did here.

          1. Henry, thanks for your comment. I see what you are saying and you make some really good points. Sometimes I don’t see the whole picture and it’s nice and very much appreciated to hear another angle to this very serious issue. Yes you are right, these people will not contribute anything but only take away from we the American people. You have given me much food for thought and it has forced me to consider what this can and will mean for our children and grandchildren. My grandkids will be starting school this next Monday and yes I have wondered about illegal immigrant kids being in their classrooms and not knowing a how to speak a word of English. Thanks for your comment, it’s always good to hear another side to an issue as large as what we are currently faced with.

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