Paul Walker’s Illuminati Death

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

The ‘coincidences’ now surrounding the death of Paul Walker are aligning and are impossible to overlook . From death rumors to ‘the Family Guy’, the ‘Fast and Furious’ connection and more, does Youtube videographer Paul Gardiner lay down the facts that prove that Paul Walker’s death was an ‘illuminati death’? RIP Paul Walker.

18 thoughts on “Paul Walker’s Illuminati Death

          1. This Rodas guy sounds like a crook. Racing was sponsored by personal charity foundations which collected donations for earthquake and tsunami victims, but then paid a large percentage of funds to their personal race hobbies. Typical crook. Bet his clean energy was a penny stock shell scam as well.

  1. Again, cars rarely “burst into flames” unaided.

    Given my highly suspicious nature, I’m much more inclined to believe it wasn’t an accident.

  2. Lol…You know, I didn’t want to say anything, but after hearing last night that the car burst into flames and the lack of details, I too, was thinking foul play here or a possible conspiracy/cover-up as well.

    Amazing. I was thinking along the lines of a distraction by the Zionists or maybe he did something and was made an example of. I don’t know. But the lack of details do make it sound suspicious as well as the bursting into flames and the fact that they couldn’t recognize the bodies without the dental records.

    Also, notice how they never mention the movie that he was in called, “The Skulls” (famous Skull and Bones Secret Society movie), but they mentioned all his other movies. Kinda strange, don’t ya think?

    Furthermore, it does resemble that one journalist’s death earlier this year who supposedly crashed his car into a pole and it ignited in a ball of flames.

    Anyways, as always, it happens in threes. So you can bet two more famous celebrities will be dead within the next week or so. Same thing happened after Michael Jackson died. That’s usually how it goes.

  3. This was basically paul walker being murdered here are the reasons:

    1. Cars of that level don’t just blow up in frames like that it has been tested many times.

    2. Paul walker was working on project that illumanti would hate.

    On the other hand he might not be dead, there is video going around seeing him catch a flight away from usa saying it was someone who looked like him. Also paul wanted to retire at 40 pretty strange huh

    1. Well they did say they would never be able to identify the body unless they checked the dental records, meaning the body might have not been his and they could have messed with the dental records. So who knows. It’s been done in the movies before and it’s Zionist controlled Hollywood, so you never know.

    2. Personally. I’m really suspicious about this act.. and am trying to to do some research on it. Give it some time to all come out.
      I agree with your first point. A car of that status does NOT JUST ENGULF IN FLAMES.
      2. Came across something saying that the late Paul walker was only a little bit away from completing a multi million dollar deal with his organisation trying to save a particular forest that the u.s. govt want to use for the nation’s army…testing and what not…

      And just with that third point. I saw that video and saw the original…That’s an old video of one of TMZ’S reporter asking him something completely different. Some sick puppy edited and made it out to be about this most recent dilemma.

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