4 thoughts on “Pelosi: “I have awesome power”

  1. The power to spill the children’s blood she drinks, that makes up the highly saturated color of that filthy red rag she is wearing as she clears her soon to be neck-stretched throat. The awesome power to hide behind words, when inverted, disguise the intent of her awesome power to lie, to murder children and to mock their parents by wearing a blood soaked rag, the expensive high fashion of a blood thirsty bitch.

    She is NOT an American. She is a traitor who will be brought into the Commom Law court and dealt with in a hard way under the absolute, supreme, superior, unalienable power that goes well beyond “awesome”, of The Bill of Rights, fully ratified on December 15, 1791 by We, the People!

    1. the power to write the history as it suits the treacherous agenda of the liars who murdered JFK, steal his words and say his mission has been fulfilled.

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