Pentagon advocates requiring women to sign up for military draft

Washington Times

The Pentagon says the country should stick with mandatory registration for a military draft, and it advocates a requirement for women to sign up for the first time in the nation’s history.

The recommendations are contained in a Defense Department report to Congress that serves as a starting point for a commission examining military, national and public service.

Congress ordered the Pentagon report, and the office of the undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness completed it in the early months of the Trump administration.  

Currently, only male citizens and residents age 18-25 are required to register, for a pace of about 2 million each year.

Women, whom the government has never ordered to sign up, would add 11 million to the Selective Service System database “in short order,” the report says.

President Carter restarted draft registration in 1980 as a message to Soviet leaders.

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12 thoughts on “Pentagon advocates requiring women to sign up for military draft

  1. Government has no right to draft anyone, ever, if the people are unwilling to fight then something is seriously wrong or seriously RIGHT. Feminists wanted equality, they got it.

    As for me: I will never disbar anyone: male, female, young or old the right to fight for their freedom, it is their right, their DUTY to fight for their freedom. Give me a woman who is committed to fighting and killing to stay free over some pansy “man” who wont fight while their house burns.

  2. “Require” has made the list of my top ten least favorite words. Right up there with:


    Seems I read a while back that the women ain’t cutting it. Kinda fallin’ apart. Maybe has something to do with realizing they signed up for evil deeds.


  3. Absolutely. The govt. has no right and really, cannot truly enforce anyone to sign up for the draft. But teens or older who apply to colleges supposedly must prove they have registered with Selective Service, or perhaps there are other ways to “nudge” this kinda thing. Actually, that has been the only ways the govt. thinks they can force signing up for the draft. Now they want women? Folks, I would rather my daughter (who will turn 25 soon) walk 50 miles or so into Mexico and hide out there for a bit (and possibly risk human trafficking, a big thing happening on the Texas-Mexico border) than see her get raped in the military. Because either these women will be raped or they will be cannon fodder…take your pick.

  4. I am a citizen of America.
    Since the United States Corporation isn’t America (it’s the Council of 13…er uhhh 12), I ain’t a goin’. Period.
    The 1st one who tries to make me is going to get it between the eyeballs.
    Got it?

    1. “I am a citizen of America.”

      Then you’re a (so-called ‘government’) SLAVE.

      Trenchers are NOT ‘citizens’.

      We’re American NATIONALS, and we do not acquiesce to tyranny in ANY form.

        1. citizen
          [sit-uh-zuh n, -suh n]

          Word Origin

          See more synonyms on
          a native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection (distinguished from alien ).


    2. If you are a citizen, everything the United States Corporation is doing to you is absolutely lawful and right under the 14th Amendment.
      I am an American national. The only law that can apply to me is the common law, which guarantees the absolute due process that this insurgent corporate state is asserting it can deny me.
      The constitutional contract is null and void via absolute breech. The power is reverted to the states and the people. The states are in absolute material breech of their constitutional contracts and thus are null and void. The power reverts to the people, who are standing toe to toe with tyrants who think they can remove our Bill of Rights.
      We are back to 1775 and it’s time to fulfill our obligations to ourselves and one another and destroy those seeking to enslave us.
      Thanks for joining us in our learning experience. 🙂

  5. This is entrapment. A trick. Getting everyone to report to the base and then they line them up to go in the hitler acid bin dump tank that looks like a huge fire RESCUE truck (on the guise they are to take a SHOWER and come out the other side). No evidence! Disappeared Without A Trace!

    These acid bins, fire truck style, need to be DISAPPEARED. AND FAST.
    So too, the GUILLOTINES mountable on the back of military trucks.

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