‘Pentagon wants to implement Kissinger’s world domination plan’

Press TV

It seems the Pentagon is planning to implement former US Secretary of State and National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger’s strategy of world domination, says Don DeBar, an American journalist and political commentator.

DeBar made the remarks while commenting to Press TV on Wednesday, after US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter presented Kissinger with the Department of Defense Distinguished Public Service Award, the Pentagon’s highest honorary award for private citizens and foreign nationals.  

Kissinger, 92, served as national security advisor and also as secretary of state to former Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford and as a consultant to Washington throughout his career.

The award citation credits Kissinger with “orchestrating countless foreign policy victories.”

“The idea that Henry Kissinger would receive an award from the Pentagon … is not a surprise to me nor it is a surprise that it would happen under President Obama,” DeBar said.

“Kissinger is a war criminal by any definition of the term, and the Pentagon is the preeminent threat to peace on the planet,” he noted.

DeBar stated the Obama administration has been one of the major threats to world peace in the post-war period. “Look at Libya, Syria, much of Africa, threats against Russia and China. We are closer to a world war than we have been since 1962.”

Former US President Richard Nixon (left) and his “central and influential” national security adviser, Henry Kissinger, in 1972.

The journalist said Kissinger “was responsible for the deaths of perhaps a million people in Vietnam alone, the horrible coup that took place in Chile resulted into  thousands of people being murdered and decades of darkness essentially descended on that country, and footprints like that across the world.”

“It’s like they’re birds of a feather,” DeBar said.

“Ashton Carter saying that Kissinger’s ‘contributions are far from complete’ just tells me that’s he’s, like, implementing Kissinger’s strategy, which is essentially of world domination and destruction,” the analyst observed.

During the award ceremony, Carter said on Monday that while Kissinger’s “contributions are far from complete, we are now beginning to appreciate what his service has provided our country, how it has changed the way we think about strategy and how he has helped provide greater security for our citizens and people around the world.”


3 thoughts on “‘Pentagon wants to implement Kissinger’s world domination plan’

  1. Kissinger is a war criminal by ANY definition and he is given another award. The patriots in Oregon and Nevada who assembled for a redress of their grievances…well, they are rotting in jail. 🙁 USA USA USA…AMERIKA, home of the sheeple slaves.

  2. I still don’t know how this fat toad is still breathing. He should’ve croaked a LOOONGG time ago. Him and David Rockefeller. Both have the face of demon ready to come out of their skin.

  3. “fat toad”, I like that. What a sniveling, slimey, joo mass murderer he is. Henry Kissinger, they haven’t thought of the most painfully excruciating torture we could subject him to that would make up for what he’s done.

    Testicles hammered with a ballpeen? Head squeezed in a vise? Cattle prod up the ying-yang? How about the old stretching rack? I prefer he be drawn and quartered. Hangin’s too merciful for that son of a bitch.

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