10 thoughts on “PETROVSKY FIRE FIGHT 20 FEB

  1. thank you Galen for posting this. FYI.. no video from him in 23hours now. I’m sure youtube is scrubbing him.. he is an American from Texas who went over there in 2014 or 15 to fight with the Donbass people. he calls Kiev Nazis and himself a communist.. that being said.. he is an English speaking opposite opinion from the media. Hillary Clinton has spoken truth before. a stopped clock is right twice a day. I just want everybody to know that before i get raped for recommending we listen to a commie!!

    1. I know nothing about him, so thanks for filling me in. Had I known he was a commie I’d never have posted this. I just wanted to show that the bombs were likely already falling, although maybe that was just one of their drills. Can’t say, but the msm is saying it hasn’t started yet. Me hates ’em all.


      1. “This is the hill we die on”
        I guess that’s one way to look at it
        I prefer the more positive approach though
        This is the hill they die on (or valley, or creek, or Forrest, or building)
        Thank you for planting seeds for readiness and bravery, sister.
        Love ya! 🙂

  2. My dog’s went off at the barking in the background
    They couldn’t say where it was coming from because they don’t know these dogs, and are not over there to find out.
    They also wouldn’t tell me if the dogs there have a Russian accent.

      1. What I’m saying is, yeah someone’s throwing junk, but who and why? This goes on quite regularly since the break apart.
        I don’t have much doubt sh!t’s gonna get tore up there.
        My people in my country is my main concern.
        Dog speak universal
        Only accent, comrade

        1. I agree about our main concern, yet I still watch what they do ANYWHERE since the whole thing is a global-take and what they do anywhere they can do here. And what they do anywhere has some kind of far-away affect over here. Studying the enemy, you might say, and heightening readiness. Well, we look where we look. Seems there’s no place they’re not. 🙂


          1. I don’t disagree with you. I’ve seen his videos and many others.
            There are clues in the smallest of places.
            His “GLORIOUS RUSSIA” thing tends to ruffle my feathers just as much as USA USA USA.

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