Pfizer bomb goes off in European Parliament…

Citizen Free Press

Member of the European Parliament Robert Roos

8 thoughts on “Pfizer bomb goes off in European Parliament…

  1. Not a Cheap Lie ..a very very expensive lie , on all of humanity …

    it sure seems easier to convince people to take something under fear premise , than it is to convince them they were lied to and it was all bullshit lies

  2. To bad he didn’t mention that the whole scamdemic was a hoax since the virus was never isolated, that is, not known to exist.

    And now we don’t know what they’re cooking up for winter, something bigger and badder. Seems one consequence of being at war is that as we observe the enemy’s weapons and strategies grow larger, meaner, more devious, we naturally increase our own in similar ways.



    1. Covid 19 does not exist
      However, all the med journals, stories, proponents are still pumping this lie hard. Now, we’re at Post Covid, Long Covid, and all the effects those terms cons with. They’re trying to explain all the issues the experimental flu and shot have caused.
      I wish them all infinite degrees of pain and suffering that they have caused!

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