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Pharmaceutical Industry Synthesizing Marijuana To Patent It… And It’s Already Killing People

Mint Press News

Many have speculated whether or not the pharmaceutical industry has something to do with the continued prohibition on marijuana. It’s easy to see where these suspicions are coming from, considering the fact that marijuana has been proven as an effective treatment for so many maladies that “Big Pharma” treats with synthetic medicines.  

Matt Agorist, with The Free Thought Project, notes that “there are over 20,000 articles searchable on PubMed detailing the effects of “cannabinoid”(s). New research has shown that cannabis is an effective treatment for a myriad of ailments ranging from cancer, to epilepsy, to PTSD.

Now, the pharmaceutical industry seems to realize the inevitability of legal marijuana – across the nation – so they are doing something about it: they are trying to patent it.

Since it is impossible to patent the plant itself, Big Pharma is turning to its scientists to synthesize and patent the active chemicals in marijuana – so they can monopolize the market for these chemicals.

The drug Marinol, produced by Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc. “contains a nearly identical molecular structure as the THC molecule and has similar effects of marijuana on cancer patients in regards to increasing appetite, etc.,” Agorist writes. “But unlike its natural counterpart, Marinol does not grow on trees.”

The results of this synthesizing has been numerous deaths, according to Ouest France. They report that in a test by the corporation Biotrial, conducted for the Portuguese pharmaceutical company Bial, there have been six people hospitalized in Rennes.

Recently, one of those victims of these unnecessary tests has died. The tests are unnecessary, because Nature has already given us the cannabis plant itself to properly deliver these active chemicals. We do not need the pharmaceutical industry to isolate and encapsulate them for us.

Marisol Touraine, France’s Minister of Health made it clear that no natural marijuana was used in these studies at all. Only the synthetic ECS stimulant was used.

Agorist notes that “Taken orally, the drug was undergoing a Phase 1 clinical trial at a licensed private European laboratory that specializes in clinical trials, the French health ministry said… Attempting to recreate the natural analgesic effects of cannabis, this pharmaceutical company unwittingly killed someone and gravely injured several others.”


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9 Responses to Pharmaceutical Industry Synthesizing Marijuana To Patent It… And It’s Already Killing People

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “Since it is impossible to patent the plant itself,…”

    Not according to Monsanto.

    “We do not need the pharmaceutical industry to isolate and encapsulate them for us.”

    THAT’S an understatement!

    We don’t need the pharmaceutical ‘industry’ to encapsulate ANYTHING for us, regardless.

    Murdering scumbags!

  2. Joe (JSTP) says:

    Here is the why they are doing this:

    after killing and eating dog while high on synthetic marijuana

    Michael Terron Daniel, pictured, had reportedly attacked people in a Waco, Texas, home and chased a neighbour while growling – before he brutally killed and ate a dog.’He was found with blood and fur all over him’: US man on synthetic marijuana chases neighbour while growling before ‘strangling and

    Texas: Mother beheads infant, eats part of his … –

    Texas: Mother beheads infant, eats part of his … Woman Kills Newborn, … Texas Man Strangles And Eats Dog After Entering Animal-Like State From Synthetic Marijuana;

  3. Paul says:

    I’ll take it the way God made it.

  4. Millard says:

    Bottom line: “You can’t have it legally unless you buy it from us.”

  5. flee says:

    How can you improve on God and Mother nature.
    Just like natural law.
    Yeah….I’m gonna reinvent and make synthetic gravity.
    Ooops sorry… our first test flattened you like a pancake.

    Oh well.
    Maybe we can patent this God thing.. sorry for the inconvenience.
    But ask your doctor if its right for you.

    Disclaimer: Possible side effects
    May cause. ….
    Terminal hemmoroids.
    Shortness of breath.
    Vaginal irritation
    Kicking your dog
    Suicidal thoughts
    Heart palpitations
    Toe Jam
    Frequent urination
    Sticking q-tips all the way in your ear
    calling 911
    Cheating on your spouse
    Kicking your dog again
    Flipping off the cops
    and thoughts that everything is okay.

    If you show any signs of these symptoms.
    Contact your physician immediately!

  6. Jolly Roger says:

    Well the pharmaceutical industry never wastes any time killing people.

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