12 thoughts on “Phoenix, AZ not too long ago

    1. Not worth the energy, Trump is a useless eater, has not done America a damn bit of good since Putin put his useless ass into office. The only people who have made any money is the hair spray company who sells him his ego in a bottle.

      Trump has conned the con men. ROSANNE BARR could have done a better job at bat.

      Only his dentist knows the real Trump.

    2. Which media are you referring to? The Antifa Communist propaganda machine or the Judeo-Christian treasonous Trump propaganda machine?
      Who the f#@k do you think you are talking to here?
      F#@k that jew ass sucking gun grabbing international communist Trump.
      F#@k that international pedophilic transgender sick in the soul commie Antifa.
      We are the American national Trenchers of the American race. We fight for the Bill of Rights, which both of these foreign factions are actively attacking with the intent to destroy.
      Pick a side of the fence, brother, and there is nothing down the middle. I will watch both of these factions kill each other to a man, and then step up to kill whatever is left. My Bill of Rights have been removed. I am without my capacity to give a monk’s f#@k about what anybody says one way or the other about that treasonous piece of dog shit, Trump.

    3. Geee. I did not expect my amusing thought to be taken so seriously. As an abolitionist, I am against ALL forms of slavery. I dislike the idea that anyone is at the top of the ruling oligarchy.

      1. Oh…. sarcasm.
        We constantly battle trolls here. Your comment caught me by surprise, but it is a technique we have faced. The trolls have to put in a little effort to get a word in here in the Trenches. Usually the only way one gets through is by putting in several comments agreeing with the logic of the situation we are in, then when I take them out of pending, they try to make their move.
        Truth is, we appreciate a little sarcasm here. Apologies for the misunderstanding. Those of us who know each other very well at this point in the ballgame, know sarcasm when it is presented, but you are new to the site.
        At any rate, sarcasm noted and no harm done.
        ]Welcome to the Trenches.

  1. If this dust storm was borne from chemtrail origins, yes, chump COULD be blamed for it as he’s the “commander in chief” and has said and done NOTHING to stop this daily assault on US. They’ve ALL done NOTHING but provide bs cover for it, which makes them culpable.

  2. Super Storm Sandy was only 6 years ago. What if a real lingering bigger storm or hurricane hits the north east? It’s been a long time since a storm and sustainable 2 weeks + , miserable ( ie. no power, utilities, transit) aftermath has hit the area.
    Pheonix is a concentrated population hub with lots of sparsely populated area outside of it. ( no water though )
    The north east has so many people they live on top of each other in tall buildings and houses spread out everywhere.

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