Photograph Captures Huge Wave That Looks Eerily Like A Face; Everyone Freaks Out

face wave

Huffington Post

It’s a wave! It’s a face! It’s … both of those things?!

Photographer Simon Emmett captured this stunning shot earlier this week while snapping pictures near the harbor in the coastal town of Lyme Regis, England.

According to the Daily Mail, towering waves had been pounding Britain’s shores the day Emmett took the haunting photo, as a devastating storm lashed the island nation.

Emmett’s awesome picture, which has gone viral, has stirred the world’s imagination this week.

“Face of hell storm,” the U.K.’s Daily Star wrote in a caption emblazoned over the epic shot on its front page Thursday.

On his Facebook page, Emmett wrote that he hadn’t even noticed that he had captured the oceanic face until he “looked back through the shots [he] took.”

“It’s a strange feeling when you upload a photo and it goes global,” he wrote in another Facebook comment, adding that the all the hubbub about the spooky snap has “totally blown [him] away.”

22 thoughts on “Photograph Captures Huge Wave That Looks Eerily Like A Face; Everyone Freaks Out

      1. he is pissed. He helped start the best country on earth in human history, and the people they left it to, let it go straight down the toilet. He has been turning in his grave so much it super imposed on a wave!

      2. Henry,
        Is the state of Jefferson possible or a pipe dream? There are alot of people that would move there in a heart beat if it were possible.

          1. We have never been to the northwest. We have been everywhere else. Maybe after we kick the commies asses we will che k it out.

          2. Anytime you could make it out this way, you and Missy would be welcome as family at our house.

  1. If you look, you will also find faces in the initial dust clouds of the buildings of the 9-11 crimes, not good faces as the face imaged in this post, but faces of greed, malevolence, and violence.

  2. Just my opinion: The face is Every Man and Every Woman waking to the need for their bravery to right the wrongs of the corruption we live under in this time in this world. Take heart, speak with courage, and act with wisdom.

  3. If it’s in England, maybe the face is looking for the Lochness Monster.

    “Oh bugga’ I just missed it. Wait’ll me turns my head around. I think I’ve almost got it.”

      1. LOL, nothing else came to mind. All I could think was to agree – that’s a face.

        Little slow tonight, maybe. Loooong day at work.

        1. Loooooong week, for that matter. Back-to-back containers, and MY back is killing me. That’s why I haven’t posted many articles this week (sorry Henry), or commented as much as usual. I’m just beat up. Fell asleep at the computer again last night, after commenting on only 3 or 4 articles.

          Gettin’ old I guess, NC.

          1. Never too old, my friend. Just these Zionist bastards making us work more than we should for less money and trying to exhaust us and wear us down. Ain’t gonna happen on my watch.

          2. Yea #1, I blew out my back 2 days ago myself. Had a hard time even walking even. A little better today myself. Had to do some ibuprofen . I was walking around like that dirty old man on the old Laugh in show that sat on the park bench lol. Nothin` like some good old hard back pain is there #1 – really sucks – hope ya feel better soon bro.

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