Watching This Toddler Play in the Rain for the First Time Is Exactly What You Need Today

The Blaze – by Oliver Darcy

A video uploaded to the Internet last week shows a 15-month-old toddler playing in the rain for the first time.

The footage, initially posted last Wednesday, has been viewed over one-million times on Vimeo and is being met with rave reviews online.  

“This was incredibly profound and joyful,” commented one individual. “Loved it.”

“Thank you for sharing this innocence,” wrote another. “It’s lovely.”


(H/T: The Daily Dot)

13 thoughts on “Watching This Toddler Play in the Rain for the First Time Is Exactly What You Need Today

  1. Susan

    Thank you for that. what a beautiful little innocent child. no wonder i like young ones. loved every second of this.

    1. I saw it and couldn’t resist. We have such serious good stuff here but sometimes we need to stop and see what the children see and refresh ourselves.

  2. Pretty cool there Susan. Kids are honest and they can find happiness and honesty in the simple things and this proves it. Yea, that was a good one Susan. 🙂 😎

  3. When my son was 4 he stripped to his underwear and told he was going out in the rain for “thunder shower”. I was invited to join him. Off went my clothes and out into the downpour we went. It was like a top ten moment in my life. I have good neighbours.

  4. Life is still out there, all we have to do is take it back. And the children are all the reasons in the world that we need.
    Excellent post.

  5. Thank you Susan, that was the most beautiful expression of joy from one of the most innocent. Her giggles made me smile.

  6. Enjoy it now, because she looks Japanese, and if that’s Fukushima rain, she’ll be dead in a few months.

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