Physical therapist, 28, working at a senior living facility in Indiana dies two days after getting the COVID-19 vaccine

Daily Mail

A physical therapist died at her home in January just two days after she received a COVID-19 vaccine.

Haley Link Brinkmeyer, 28, died January 21 after she received an mRNA shot believed to be either the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna vaccine, according to the COVID Blog.

The blog, which is operated by COVID Legal USA, aims to publish articles that minimize the effectiveness of masks and vaccines amid the pandemic and helps people file litigation against companies enforcing mandatory vaccine policies.

Brinkmeyer’s death shocked her family, her mother Shauna O’Neill Link told the blog.

In what appears to be a Facebook comment to another user, Link allegedly spread conspiracy theories that the vaccine was created for ‘depopulation.’

‘My 28 year old daughter took the vaccine on a Tuesday and she was dead by Thursday,’ Link allegedly said in the comment, which was shared by the blog.

‘Autopsy shows no other red flags. Corner (sic) has assured us he will get to the bottom of this vaccine crap.’

She added: ‘Anything with Bill Gates or Quack Fauci’s name attached should be a red flag. Depopulation my folks, depopulation. That’s their objective.’

Link’s Facebook account appears to have since been deleted. has reached out to Brinkmeyer’s husband, Evan Brinkmeyer, for more information and additional comment.

Brinkmeyer met her husband while attending Reitz High. The high school sweethearts were crowned homecoming king and queen and were married for two years.

She graduated from University of Evansville in 2018 with a doctorate in physical therapy and was a member of AOII Sorority, according to her obituary.

2 thoughts on “Physical therapist, 28, working at a senior living facility in Indiana dies two days after getting the COVID-19 vaccine

  1. Another example of just how lethal these toxic concoctions are. Within six months to a year, when the masses of those injected start dying off in huge waves, then the truth will be evident to everyone.

    1. a new variant will be blamed and those addicted to the tellalievision will fall for yet another scam and more will get vaccecuted (Mike Perry’s most appropriate term) and so on and so on

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