Piers Morgan Dumped by CNN

Free Patriot – by Allison Martinez

It appears anti-gun Piers Morgan is going to be leaving CNN. Piers Morgan is known as an gun control advocate. He gained notoriety  in the United States for being an advocate of banning the AR-15. Because he is a British citizen, many Americans have been insulted and infuriated by his relentless attacks on the 2nd Amendment and endless interrogations of pro-2nd Amendment Americans.  

FTVLive stated that CNN Boss Jeff Zucker is “actively looking for a replacement for Piers Morgan.” Rumor has it Katie Couric is being considered as a replacement.

Piers Morgan’s show can hardly be regarded as journalism, but fall squarely in the realm of propaganda. In his shows, his questioning of Americans have followed a predictable script. As Ben Shapiro of Breitbart described Morgan as standing in the graves of the dead children of Sandy Hook. Morgan typically begins with a few leading questions, and then would go into “you don’t care about the children of Sandy Hook.”

Usually Piers would begin with a discussion of what type of gun was used in one shooting or another.  His second step in the interview is to call people names. “You are stupid,” “That is total claptrap,”  as questions. Then Piers would move into “How many people were killed by guns in Britian.”  It is a predictable script. A compendium of his interviews show the pattern.

The exposure of this pattern, along with Pier Morgan’s past as a propagandist, culminated in a loss of credibility and low ratings.

Prior to his stint on American TV, Pier Morgan was involved in several scandals in Britain.  While successful early in his career, he actually rose through the ranks of the paparazzi. He was accused of insider trading, but managed to survive. He was able to acquire the diaries of a Butler and  publish some rather scandalous information on the Royal family.

However, in his final act in Britain, he staged news showing British Troops abusing Iraqis. The pictures became a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda, and made the lives of British and American troops far more dangerous. He was finally fired from the Daily Mirror when they proved to be fakes.  However, the pictures continue to be used by Al Qaeda and other related terror organizations in their recruitment.


10 thoughts on “Piers Morgan Dumped by CNN

  1. Good riddance to that spineless piece of tripe, not that I ever watch CNN anyway. That tea sipping troll should go back to jolly ole England where he belongs.

  2. I’ve not yet read the article, but I will say that there is NOTHING that CNN can do which will cause me to use them as a source of news. Damned Zionist controlled propaganda “mainstream” news media. What a farce.

  3. This parasite should be keel hauled back to England. His show last night proves that communist blood runs through this veins. commie to the core, and a disgrace to any native American.

  4. FINALLY! I know don’t have to be forced to watching Piers Morgan on TV when I go to restaurants at night as we all know that restaurants love to play CNN and then use the excuse, “Well, the reason why we have CNN on is because it is so hard to find a station that is comfortable for the whole family while eating.”


    Oh man, here’s an idea. WHO SAYS WE NEED TO WATCH 19TV WHEN WE ARE EATING AT A RESTAURANT?? WE DON’T! That’s why we go out to eat. DUH!!! To get a way from our house, not go back in it. Did the Communist regulators take a fraudulent poll or something in order to justify and encourage/force people to install their Big Brother mass media campaign in restaurants these days?

    Restaurants turning on their TVs are all contributing to the propaganda campaign, whether they realize it or not and the customers will also eventually take notice if they haven’t done so already. I know I have.

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