19 thoughts on “Piers Morgan vs Larry Pratt 01/09/2013

  1. Making self defense easier doesn’t always stop a shooter.

    Making self defense more difficult certainly won’t stop a shooter.

    America has a very high crime rate. Banning guns won’t change that.

    Government tyranny aside, there might be some sort of vague argument for gun control, if there were lower crime rates in America But in present reality gun control can’t be construed as anything other than a threat to law abiding citizens.

    This is clearly a catch 22. If we had a lower crime rate, there’d be no call for gun control — aside from would be tyrants. This points up the conclusion that guns are not the problem. Criminals, and supporting conditions and precursors, and would be tyrants are the problem.

    High crime rates serve as a convenient cover for would be tyrants.

    Comparing America to Britain and other lower crime rate countries is like comparing apples and oranges.

    It can’t be over stated. America has long had a high crime rate. Banning guns won’t change that. It will simply make it more difficult if not impossible to defend one’s self against criminals, and tyranny.

    Oh, and Piers Morgan is utterly full of shit. He’s still not deported? Though I have to say, this time around it was almost as if he took a dive.

  2. How many massive car pile ups have been averted by somebody’s excellent driving skills? We’ll never know you f#@king butt plug nanny boy because we cant read the f#@king future. I hope this asshole gets rubbed out and dumped in the ocean because I dont want his rotting corpse stinking up American soil. Im serious. People like him should be tried for plotting to sabotage the constitution and the best interests of the American people. If he gets eliminated I’ll open up a nice bottle of wine and drink to it. In celebration of removing an evil puss filled polyp from the planet. Im done being polite. Nice time is over and it should’ve been over a long time ago.

  3. I know that if people like Piers were to try to void our constitutional rights, our 2nd Amendment. He would more than likely would meet up with people way more serious than Alex Jones.
    So with that in mind remember what Benjamin Franklin warned: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”.
    God protect our Republic!

    1. glad you’re on board the Liberty train Chris…

      just a little side note, from my 7th grade English Teacher
      [Sally R. Matthews] ..who also taught Archie Manning “English” back when waving a Stars & Bars was not an affront to the {politically corect/Jew worshipping} lace panty crowd…


      – HAVE WENT – is incorrect “English”,… as if people care anymore about these things…with all the mass murders, and rapes and economic terrorism….and unabashed “Jew” worship….here’s a flash back…Mark Twain discusses it, among other features of Northern and Southern “US English”, in “Life on the Mississippi”:


      …The unpolished [Southerners] often use ‘went’ for ‘gone.’ It is
      nearly as bad as the Northern ‘hadn’t ought.’ This reminds me that a remark of a very peculiar nature was made here in my neighborhood (in the North) a few days ago:
      ‘He hadn’t ought to have went.’
      How is that?
      Isn’t that a good deal of a triumph? One knows the orders combined in this half-breed’s architecture without inquiring: one parent Northern, the other Southern. . .

      Masses & Society….code words for “Jew” speak…


      Americans have the opportunity and at one time had the desire and will to better themselves to be the best, and not to compete to see who could find and hold the “Lowest Common Denominator”, the lowest standard, the britches drooping nearly to the knees, the language so corrupted Grown men can’t even have an intelligent conversation about any topic not seen on Talmudvision…go figure


      Want Liberty….Yearn for Truth & Justice


      de ones dat don’t be carin’ bout nuthin done went on down to de pit of “Jew” worship and done went to HELL in de pit…and they have went for good…

      See : Judge Priest …with Will Rogers

        1. Who cares about your grammar…gees. I want to know if there is a bounty on Piers Morgans head in England. If so how much?

  4. Yeppers and if Larry Pratt could have spouted off the gun murders in the high crime cities of Chicago, NYC, DC, etc that are of the so called gun free zones, that would have been his proof on national TV that gun control isn’t working. Also when Piers compares the number of gun murders in England and Wales he conveniently fails to mention that the population of the USA is about 6 times more. Piers you are the sensationalist and aren’t fooling anyone. America is waking up! You are the fool Piers along with your lame stream media employers. Piers, a Jerry Springer wan-a-bee, lol.

  5. He wiped the floor with that pompous windbag.
    I like Larry, he gets better with each interview, he just may be the leader we need in this fight for our Constitutionally Guaranteed Gun Rights.

  6. Note that Pierce Morgan limits the gun murder figures to England and Wales, thus removing Northern Ireland and Scotland. UK has 4 parts.
    We all remember the Dunblane school killings in Scotland and the fact that this was done by a handgun-owning freemason who had links to senior people in government. The files for this case have been sealed for 70 years ( I believe ).
    When it was virtually inconceivable for the average Scottish man to obtain a handgun, it was still possible for the freemason to have one. There were reports of child molesting at Dunblane and this explains the cover-up.
    The recent case of Holly Greig ought to open some eyes in Scotland.
    Northern Ireland has experienced a lot of gun activity and hopefully this will end. However, there is no better example of how a population without guns can improvise when the need arises. Many explosions have claimed many lives in Northern Ireland.

  7. Though I’ll tell you what, there were people at my work who never heard of AJ and they loved what he said and how he smothered Piers Moron. It was not the reaction I expected.

  8. McChrystal talks about DEVASTATING effects of AR15 bullet. Its a bullet, all right, but compare it with several times more energy in a typical hunting 30-06 or 300WM. McChrystal obviously knows it, but he is a part of the scheme. The other British blinking fellow is paid very well by the US lords to keep regurgitating biased or false information.

    The hunting guns will follow the “assault guns”. I wonder what name are they going to concoct to demonize them. Something like “sniper guns” or “long distance assassination specials”? I can imagine the British blinking fellow screaming ” why on earth would you need a sniper gun for hunting?”

    It is a very well coordinated attack. I am afraid that pretty soon the guns will be for our lords only. Exactly like in England, Germany and others

    1. McChyrstal is nothing but a modern day judas.

      He has no honor and no loyalty.

      He should hang right next to the insurgents he’s lending his name to.

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