Plan for suppression of eastern Ukraine prepared by US Agency RAND for Poroshenko

Plan for suppression of eastern Ukraine prepared by US Agency RAND for PoroshenkoVoice of Russia

Journalists came across the document that was allegedly prepared by specialists of the US Strategic Research Center, RAND Corporation. It includes three stages of punitive action forces in eastern Ukraine. The plan involves the shooting of captured militia members along with sympathetic civilians, creation of filtration camps, and seizure of residents of the region property in order to promote the most outstanding ones during punitive operations soldiers.

Online edition of Before It’s News published a document, which was marked as “confidential”. Allegedly it was developed by the American strategic research center, RAND Corporation and contains a scenario in which the Ukrainian authorities must act in case of failure of the “peace plan.”

The document includes three steps that military operation in eastern Ukraine has to go through. During the first phase martial law is introduced. Unstable regions should be blocked for entry and exit and the delivery of any goods. In addition to that, all TV broadcasting, Internet access, mobile and land phone lines should be disabled. A curfew should be introduced from 8pm to 6am.

A special regime for foreign media representatives should take place. The document states that a vast majority of coal industry ought to be destroyed. However, it is described as a positive outcome: according to authors of the document, it creates a significant subsidy burden on the budget of Ukraine, and the closure of industrial Donbass will dramatically reduce gas consumption and, consequently, reduce its dependence on Russia.

It is also noted that “economic and political position of the R. Ahmetov group will be significantly weakened” as part of operation. The document’s authors argue that economic and social difficulties can be explained by the public power operation costs, which couldn’t have been avoided due to the “intransigence of the terrorists.”

The second phase involves “clearing” of the regions. The cycle of troops narrows down while airstrikes on strategic targets and troop concentrations take place. The document also emphasizes that there is no need to exclude the use of prohibited weapons in order to reduce the loss of personnel. Ukrainian troops are suspected of using banned incendiary bombs with white phosphorus. The Internet contains various footages confirming the use of these weapons. However, Kiev does not provide any comments on this.

Ukrainian aviation is bombing hospitals and schools. Upon the resumption of the “active stage” of operation, the Kiev authorities have been striking cities with massive artillery daily; the number of civilian casualties has increased significantly.

American document contains a detailed plan on how to free the cities. Firstly, armored vehicles enter the cities, while armed men open fire on militias. At the same time, all male population is evacuated to the filtration camps. Those who resist should be shot immediately. The document also emphasizes that it is necessary to protect the filtration camps by putting most ideologically stable units in charge. People who have any signs of participation in hostilities (it may be bruises, bullet or shrapnel wounds, traces of gunpowder, etc.) should be prosecuted for separatism and terrorism.

It should be noted that Kiev authorities have already mentioned “filtration camps” before. “Full filtration should take place. We should look out so that among men, even among women, there is no one who has been associated with separatism, those who committed crimes in Ukraine related to terrorist activities. Such things are possible,” said on June 11 on the Ukrainian television Michael Koval, who held the post of Defense Minister back then.

The third point of the plan covers the restoration of “normal” life in the regions. In addition to restoring living conditions, border with Russia should be strengthened and special checkpoints installed. All refugees will be able to return. However, men 18-60 years will have to go through additional checks in the filtration camps. “Property of the condemned and evacuated residents of Lugansk and Donetsk regions will be confiscated in favor of the state for the subsequent transfer for the distinguished fighters,” the document says.

It is emphasized that the work of the foreign media in the area of ​​military operations should be excluded, and massive propaganda campaign should be carried out, praising the “heroism” of participants in the operation. It is noted that if the military operation will be completed by September 1, 2014, martial law should stay in act until January 1, 2015.

Corporation RAND was founded in 1948 and at first was working as a design center. However, in 1950 the company switched to do research in the field of national security for the US government agencies. Special attention of the organization is paid to the new analytical techniques in the sphere of corporation development, reports RT agency.

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