5 thoughts on “Traitor / Public Enemy Number One

  1. Idea: Could be used for a sculptor to create a Roman emperor statue for the Capitol rotunda statuary hall. Then bring the whole thing down. Soetoro has such disdain for our nation.

    1. How is it that being a puppet is not foolish ?
      Especially when the end results is death by
      pitch fork and hanging.
      Is it wise to deliberately take the heat for the
      criminal plans of others ?
      Isn’t that called being a “Patsy” ?
      Does his actions of servitude to his masters
      elevate him to a higher level of intelligence ?
      Is causing the populace of a nation to hate you
      really a wise thing to do ?
      Again, especially, if there’s not really anywhere
      safe to hide, for long periods of time ?
      No my friend, the “boy” is a FOOL, living on
      borrowed time.
      Enjoying the moment, for there is NO future for him.
      …..think about it.
      Would you do it ?

  2. Fool?

    Who has had this ass hat, the Undocumented President, running their nation into her grave for the past several years?

    Who is doing nothing to slow or stop said destruction?

    Better to be a fool than played by a fool IMO.

  3. Everyone is so quick to defend this FOOL ……
    Just because we got stuck with him doesn’t
    mean we allowed him to be where he is.
    He was appointed, by the movers and shakers, twice.
    If it was up to the thinking people, he would have
    never been a senator, more or less where he’s at now.
    Others, and myself included, knew what this creature is.
    We warned folks, but they wouldn’t listen.
    Most of the evidence is at :
    Well documented and in depth.
    Do you really think voting “Works” anymore ?
    NO !, it doesn’t, and hasn’t for many years.
    They might be on top laughing now,
    but the tables “are” turning.
    We’ll see who has the last laugh …………………

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