Police across the country are being equipped with ‘Christian’ facial recognition cameras


Soon, cops across America will be wearing body cameras equipped with facial recognition software.

Watchguard Video (WGV) claims their new “Redactive” software will enable law enforcement to identify anyone. (WGV is really, Enforcement Video LLC)

Redactive quickly scans the entire video clip first, automatically recognizing faces, so the user [officer] spends much less time manually performing the task.  

Police cameras automatically identify everyone’s face

Redactive’s advanced facial recognition technology automatically detects and identifies human faces, minimizing the elements of the video which are falsely detected as human, thus reducing the overall time spent manually searching and marking the video for redaction. Users begin the redaction process by instructing the software to auto-detect any face in the video.  Once auto-detection is complete, the software allows the user to select and redact the face or faces throughout the video.

6,000 spying law enforcement agencies and growing

WGV boasts that 1/3 of America’s police departments (6,000 law enforcement agencies) use their cameras. Currently, there are more than 18,000 state and local law enforcement agencies in the United States.

“We’ve been a WatchGuard customer for years and we are anxiously awaiting delivery of 110 VISTA WiFi Cameras,” said Don Dixon, Chief of the Lake Charles Police Department.

How long, before every law enforcement agency in America is equipped with facial recognition cameras?

Nearly 1 Million spying cops in America

According to the Skeptical Libertarian there are close to a MILLION cops in the U.S. Think about what’s happening.

Soon, America will have 18,000 law enforcement agencies and a MILLION cops using facial recognition software!

How long before firefighters are equipped with facial recognition cameras?

In Modesto, California firefighters are being equipped with heat-resistant helmet cameras.

Similar in style and technology to the body-worn cameras many police departments use, their function within fire departments is quite different.

Police body cameras can be used for training but initially are utilized as evidence in criminal or internal affairs investigations. Because it is considered evidence, many departments, such as the Modesto Police Department, will not release the footage to the public.

WGV’s ‘Christian’ facial recognition cameras

According to WGV’s company profile, God wants to give cops facial recognition cameras!

WGV is a God-guided company founded on Christian principles.

WGV is a God-guided company that is committed to serving our employees and customers through servant leadership.

Are they listening to God or the cops?

Our team spends a lot of time listening to the needs of law enforcement as it pertains to video evidence. With VISTA WiFi, I think they’ll find we not only surpassed their needs, we’ve leapfrogged the market’s expectations” Robert Vanman, Founder and CEO of WatchGuard Video said.

WGV works closely with Homeland Security

As the demand for such video increases exponentially over the next several years, police departments and other law enforcement agencies must find a way to fund the implementation of body worn camera (BWC) programs.

Join Grants Office, LLC and WatchGuard Video as we explore various [DHS] grant programs that will fund BWCs, as well as other solutions such as in-car video. In addition to gaining an understanding of the funding available and tips to secure grants, participants will learn about the latest and greatest video technology available to public safety agencies.

WGV helps police get $1.8 Billion in grant money from DHS

WGV published a 2016 Grant Funding Guide that identifies funding sources and helps them write grants that’ll get approved.

Through thorough research, over $1.8 Billion in grant opportunities were identified, all of which provide for law enforcement projects to fund body and in-car camera systems.

…Your [police] agency must urgently find a way to fund the implementation of a body-worn and/or in-car program. Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of tech-friendly grant programs available to you and a national leader in grants intelligence to help guide your way.

Did God tell WGV to publish a ‘Grant Funding Guide’ that would make them millions in police facial recognition cameras?

The future of American policing; Facial recognition cameras everywhere

image credit: Americansecuritytoday

WGV’s Multi-Peer Recording technology allows each police camera to talk with the other, in order to identify everyone.

Here’s a list of WGV’s cameras currently in use in police departments across the country:

Spying on everyone is “clearly honest and honorable”

The Leadership at WGV is committed to operating above reproach, and with our broader mission of serving Godand each other we will not make decisions or take actions that are not clearly honest, honorable, and in-line with this commitment.

At WGV, we enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that our systems help improve relations between communities and police…

Question: How does spying on everyone help improve community relations?

WGV sued for copyright infringement

Digital Ally, Inc., today announced that it filed suit Friday, May 27, 2016 against Enforcement Video, LLC d/b/a WatchGuard Video (WatchGuard), alleging patent infringement based on WatchGuard’s VISTA Wifi and 4RE In-Car product lines.

Did God, tell WGV to use someone else’s product, so they can sell their biometric cameras to law enforcement?

Police Spying Xmas 2016

image credit: thelancastriansuite

Beginning December 1st., police across the country will begin receiving WGV’s ‘Christian’ facial recognition cameras.

This is beyond disturbing, Police State America is using God and ‘Christian’ values to justify spying!

Wake up and speak out, before it’s too late.


11 thoughts on “Police across the country are being equipped with ‘Christian’ facial recognition cameras

  1. “WGV’s ‘Christian’ facial recognition cameras”
    WGV’s Judeo‘Christian’ facial recognition cameras
    and the “Christian Soldiers” (goys) that use them

    1. WHAT….. YOU GOTTA PROBLEM WITH YAHOO YAHWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????????????????????///

  2. This technology is being used as a means to further enslave people, hence the God of the Bible is not ‘guiding’ these creatures. I don’t know what ‘god’ is guiding them, but it is not the One I serve: The LORD Jesus Christ.

    1. ITS JEHOVEY ….JAHBULON……………….LEVIATHON AND FRIENDS. NIMROD, SIMIRAIMUS AND TAMMUZ. THAT 3 HEADED CATHOLIC “GOD” THAT LIVES OUTSIDE THE NEW TESTAMENT,, AND CONTENDS WITH THE “FIRST COMMANDMENT” OF THAT BOOK.HERES HIS DISCRIPTION;Rev_16:13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. THE “TRINITY”…….Php 2:9 JN 1;1-2


  3. I am as opposed as anyone on earth to the use of biometric surveillance, but I’m afraid this article misinterprets the function of this software. Unless I missed some details somewhere, it doesn’t automatically ID you. It simply DETECTS faces for the purpose of allowing them to be blurred out (“redacted”) on request by someone reviewing the video.

    For cameras to ID everyone in real-time, each would have to contain a massive biometric database or be connected to one. The computing power and/or bandwidth to make all those facial comparisons more or instantly, in real-time, would be a very tall order. I’m not even sure that it’s technologically possible at all on a large scale.

    On a more general note, the way to defeat face recognition is to wear a mask that covers the entire head and face. If you really wanted to get fancy, prosthetic makeup would be an option. On a more mundane, day-to-day level, simply wear a wide-brimmed hat.

    All that being said, once you’re caught on video or even still camera, face recognition becomes somewhat moot. Even if computers didn’t exist at all, the pigs could simply put your photo on the 6 o’clock news every night and ask the public to ID you. So if you want to go somewhere and do something anonymously, plan your movements, wear a hood with mask, and loose-fitting clothing to boot. (Be aware that anything you touch with bare skin can leave DNA behind.)


    2. Dear BMF…. Are you THAT brainwashed/propagandized/dumbed down?
      “That Christian facial recognition software” just finds a human face so those Christian honest cops can “blur it out” so it can never be compared to another human face that shows up in Wally Mart? …. Land-o-Goshen man do you really BELIEVE that?

      You would be well advised to listen to Michael Savage as he talks with a 27 year veteran of Langley about just how invasive and technologically superior this spy net really IS~!!!

      Savage talks to Intel at Langley (10/02/2016) – look it up

      1. Watcher/Nancy,

        I’m very far from brainwashed or dumbed down. You should read my post more carefully and note what I did NOT say as much as what I did say.

        I never said anything about “honest Christian cops.” All US police are subhuman scum to me. I also never said that there was NO face recognition software being used for purposes of identifying people. Of course there is, which is why I offered some (fairly obvious) thoughts on how to defeat it.

        My point was simply that THIS software doesn’t appear to be marketed as having that purpose or capability. If it did, then why wouldn’t the company say so, just like all the other vendors of face recognition software?

        I have done quite a bit of informal research on this topic over the years and have a fairly good idea of what face recognition systems are capable of. Some of their technical limitations were mentioned earlier. Even the FBI’s NGI system doesn’t track people in real time, but allows LE to submit photos and videos taken from surveillance cameras to FBI analysts, who then use their computers to search for a match.

        As for Michael “Savage” Weiner, he’s a neocon Jew with no credibility in my world.

        The bottom line: If you’re worried about facial recognition, avoid cameras where possible, and keep your face and head covered.

  4. “This is beyond disturbing, Police State America is using God and ‘Christian’ values to justify spying!”

    Not to mention to justify doing Israhell’s bidding, to protect the ‘Chosenites’.

    Absolutely pitiful how many Christians have no clue what the Bible REALLY says about the stinking jews.

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