Police: ‘Anarchists’ beat Air Force pilot flying Confederate flags on motorcycle

AL..com – by Leada Gore

An Air Force pilot from Join Base Lewis-McChord was attacked Sept. 5 during a protest in Olympia, Washington, according to local police.

Olympia police said they are searching for two men who are believed to be part of a “local hate group” that describe themselves as “anarchists,” Air Force Times reported.Police said the men were taking part in a protest around 10 p.m. when they saw two Confederate flag on the back of the victim’s motorcycle, surrounded him and tried to knock him down.  

Anarchist attack.JPGThe suspects then sprayed the victim in the face with mace, hit him on the back with a baseball bat and then struck him with a glass bottle filled with red paint. Police have not identified the victim, who suffered injuries to his eyes, shoulder and back. A witness who tried to help the man was also sprayed in the face with mace.

Security cameras operated by the city captured images from the protest. Police said about 100 people were part of the protest, which was aimed at law enforcement.

The suspects were described as white males wearing camouflage, dark clothing and masks over their faces.

When police officers responded to the assault, the men and the rest of the protestors ran to City Hall and began breaking windows and doors on the building using bats, metal poles, rocks and paint balloons.


11 thoughts on “Police: ‘Anarchists’ beat Air Force pilot flying Confederate flags on motorcycle

  1. These people were bashing capitalism and private property… Sound more like communists than anarchists to me. A principled anarchist is the most peaceful person you will ever meet. This statist propaganda is NONSENSE!

    1. Anarchists have always found common cause with Communists. In Soviet Russia at the onset of “elections” ran the Communists, Anarchists, Socialists, and others with nice sounding Democratic names – but “all” are atheistic and communistic in their ideology and philosophy, that’s why the Soviets allowed Anarchists to run for office.

      Tell me about it – my family came from what was called the “German Ukraine” back in the early 1900’s, just north of Odessa – and the Ukraine was part of “Russia” for centuries, even my aunts and uncles birth certificates say “Russia” – many left when the Bolshevik Jews came in – and ultimately you will find “Jews” behind all anarchist movements – 100% of them.

      1. Anarchy by definition means “without rulers” while communism also advocates for a stateless society it requires the abolishment of private property, and capitalism. A true anarchist (one who truly believes in no rulers) doesn’t believe that he nor anyone else has the right to tell anyone what they can own, or how they exchange their possessions. I completely identify as an anarcho capitalist, better known as voluntarist. No masters, no rulers. I completely believe in self ownership. No matter the origins, or the history of “anarchists” anyone who believes in the abolishment of private property or the abolishment of capitalism is not a true anarchist as they are essentially saying they have the right to take whatever they want because no one owns anything. They want to rule over you *not a true anarchist*

        1. If there are more than 3 or 4 in any one group of ‘anarchists’, chances are good that one is not what he appears to be.

  2. The suspects were described as white males wearing camo and masks ?? Masks ? Ok if you say so mr main stream media.

  3. Anyone who displays the Confederate Battle Flag in public these days without carrying a loaded, easily accessible firearm is mentally challenged.

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