Police as Partners in the ‘Illegal’ Drug Business

Before It’s News

Nothing is ever what it seems or what you are told it is… when there’s loose money around, who’s is it?

The police and the media pay informers, it goes with the territory.

But the Mob, the Drug Lords and all the other extra-legal governments running around selling sex and drugs and rock ‘n roll without borders have more money for information than any police force or news medium, one of which depends on your taxes and the other on your advertising.  

You can’t bust someone who knows you’re coming.

These guys didn’t pay The Man – Tom Dennen


3 thoughts on “Police as Partners in the ‘Illegal’ Drug Business

  1. Police as partners in the drug trade. Imagine that!! WE found out from the Iran-Contra scandal that the illegal drugs brought to the U.S. by the CIA were being sold of the treets of America using protected drug dealers. Who do you think was protecting these dealers?? In more cases than not, the cops are doing these drugs, too.
    A couple of months ago it was revealed that 26 tons of cocaine was flown in (from South America) by the Air Force. From the local cops and lawyers and judges, all the way up to the White House, there is one common thread….these folks are ALL Freemasons.

  2. Like he said, they didn’t pay the piper.

    There is no free enterprise in the (so-called) ‘govt.’ sponsored drug business.

  3. Onondaga County on pace for 20 heroin deaths in 2013; that’s 10 times the number four years ago good job brownies

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