Police Chase Down Man For Filming Police Abuse, Enter His Home

Information Liberation – by Chris

Police officers in Omaha, Nebraska were caught on tape violently arresting a man over a parking dispute by grabbing him by his neck in a choke hold and flipping him over slamming him on the ground. The man, 28-yr-old Octavius Johnson, did not appear to be resisting, and the officer grabbed him from behind and choked and slammed him seemingly without warning.

As the abuse is taking place, the victim’s brother, Juaquez, who is understandably in a state of shock pulls out his cell phone to record the police’s actions, after a minor tussle with one of the officers, he is finally let go to film the incident from the sidewalk across the street from the action.

Throughout the incident Juaquez is vocally voicing his displeasure with the way the police are abusing his brother, which apparently gets one of the cops quite angry.

Eventually, after facing a lot of hostility from one of the officers, and faced with an army of police showing up for “backup,” Juaquez decides to run away from the scene into his own home.

Amazing, the same angry cop decides to chase Juaquez into his own home! The army of police who just showed up as backup decide to swarm into the Johnson’s home as well!

The cops allegedly knocked over the Johnson’s wheelchair bound aunt in the process, yet they claimed in their report it was Juaquez who knocked her over, which his aunt vigorously denies.

While the cops are in the Johnson’s house, the cop who is holding down Octavius is seen taking a few pot shots on the grounded man.

The cops eventually pull Juaquez out of his own house, then arrested him for “obstructing,” as well as having an unrelated outstanding warrant.

Fortunately, this whole incident was caught on tape by someone across the street who was filming everything from out of his window.

There’s widespread outrage over the incident and the video has so far been viewed over 84,000 times on YouTube.

Police claim they’re performing an “internal investigation.”
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3 thoughts on “Police Chase Down Man For Filming Police Abuse, Enter His Home

  1. WOW! This sounds like a Round Rock, TX Gestapo Police scenario to me. Lucky for this guy, someone got everything on tape. Unbelievable!

  2. Notice how at the 2:15 mark the cop sets the guy up by timing it just right by going into his police car and waits a few seconds until the other cops (his buddies) arrive and when they did, he immediately gets out of the car and chases after the guy into the house by making his buddies think that he just arrived onto the scene, too and saw this guy, and also trying to make his buddies think that he was a suspect and arrest him. By doing that he can take the guy’s video footage away from him and probably charge him with something more than a bullshit charge like “interference with a public servant”.

    12 police cars for ONE guy. ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING ME!! And I thought Round Rock police were bad. HOLY SHIT!!

    I tell ya, I can’t wait to see the day when half of the police show up to one neighborhood and the whole neighborhood is armed and waiting for them to take them all down. What a wonderful day that would be. These guys need to be taught a lesson that they are not above the law!

    1. The comment I sent in with this one was: it only took more than
      a dozen of these cowards to handle two guys.

      Like you said, NC, one of these days soon, a whole neighborhood is going to open up on these scum, and when they do, I hope not a single one walks away from it.

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