Police Dogs No Longer Sniffing For Pot


Description:Police dogs may no longer have to sniff for marijuana. “Fox & Friends” reports due to the recent legalization of recreational pot in some states, police dogs will no longer be trained to sniff out pot. Police say it’s impossible to teach a dog to differentiate between recreational and criminal marijuana use. CNN says departments are re-training dogs, but Tacoma, Washington’s police department is refusing, saying its dogs will continue to sniff for any drug, including pot. (1:20)

5 thoughts on “Police Dogs No Longer Sniffing For Pot

  1. Let me guess, retrained for guns, bullets, gun powder, cash, etc. etc.etc…………………

  2. This is bogus. These dogs will always indicate marijuana. I know that for a fact. They will indicate herb and if no herb is found but some other contraband is found, your screwed. They can talk all they want but they talk a bunch of sh*t.

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