Police Officer Tasers Pregnant Woman in Springfield, IL

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This happened yesterday, April 3rd, in a Best Buy parking lot in Springfield , Illinois. This is clear police brutality on an unarmed pregnant African American woman. I believe that this is not only a race issue, but an issue of child abuse, and unprovoked coercion on the part of this Springfield police man.  

Though I don’t live in Springfield anymore, I know how this city works. This will be in the news for a day or two and then fade away. The officer will probably get away with a mere slap on the wrist. Please help make this a national story so that there can be awareness drawn to the unlawful activity of police not only in Springfield, IL, but all around the US.


7 thoughts on “Police Officer Tasers Pregnant Woman in Springfield, IL

  1. There has never been a law or piece of equipment the police have not abused. It is in their nature from the selection process, where only those with a barely above IQ range get in and the rest wash out. It is not physically possible for them to think outside the box of the indoctrination they receive, and that is why a great number of abuse cases like this one happen; that, and the fact that the higher ups keep covering for the bad apples, so that what you have left is a corrupt entity that has forgotten what they are there for.

    The “we against them ” mentality is running it’s natural course, where might is right and we are left as numbers in the victim pool.

    Officer Friendly died in the 50’s and all we are left with are those those protect and serve the corporate and political agendas.

    Want safer streets ? Disarm and disband the police and replace them with neighborhood watch programs of armed citizens; they’ll do a MUCH better job of it.

    1. I agree the police process is not working anymore. It has become a corporation aimed at making money, that in turn has led to corruption and injustice. The problem with the neighbor watch approach is people have to work, and the ones you want watching are not the ones that would sign up. It is a no-win.

  2. we need a new reality show. THE CAGE.
    cops will know they are invited when a video like this goes viral and they are invited to be a challenger. of course if the cop declines the invite we know he’s a pussy. if not, lets see if you taser your opponent or get your buddies-
    NOPE not in THE CAGE just 1 on 1

    1. It is a good buddie . With out a mentor on the force to crib sheet you in you can not be a cop. Why the oral exam is 50% of it. As they say birds of a feather flock together. And the only birds that can become cops are family who can not hold a job burger flipping.

  3. I have lived here all my life. On three occasions I have had our police attempt to murder me. Been framed 2 times by them and had them admit to it and laugh at me. They attacked my Father in his 70s walking back to his car after getting a IL. Times. Were ordered to apologize and never showed up to do so. Have had them do willfull property damage to my property here. To the point I have had to run them off my property, and finally post my property no trespassing No police. Had them fail to respond when I have ask them to. And 911 has failed to respond and gave wrong information to me and been allowed to. For this I must pay Tax’s to support such things. Yes we need a neighborhood watch and far fewer of our police on the streets here for our own safety from them.

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