10 thoughts on “Police State 2014

  1. Nothing to see here……..move along………..just a weekly meeting at the local luciferian/freemasons lodge. move along…… or else we will beat yer arse, shoot you in the back once we have you on the ground and then shout repeatedly: stop-resistingstop-resistingstop-resisting. to cover our murderous agenda. oh, but we are the good-guys, we cant do bad. see there in cali?, 2 of our best pupils just got off from murder charges!.

  2. Do they carry their one round in their pocket like Barney Fife? Kinda doubt it. At least SOME of them have the balls to show their face.

    Stay Alert, Stay Alive

  3. My Fellow Patriots:

    Welcome to, “The End Of The U.S.A. Show” –

    (In a carnival type atmosphere and music….)

    Yes,.. yes,… people!,.. Step right up and get your front row seat to witness the final destruction of the good ‘ol US of A!!!!!!

    Ahhh,.. you just can’t beat a show like this people!,.. its got EVERYTHING!!!

    From looting and pillaging of the people by the Fed Gov’t & the IRS,..

    To open and public displays of the American Gestapo just barging into your homes and taking whatever they want!!!

    The US Constitution and its gurantted rights??!!!,… HAHAHahahahahaha,… just watch as this predatory gov’t COMPLETELY ignores it!,… and gets away with it!!!!!!

    For those of you that prefer a little more gore,.. we have the daily execution of some innocent American now,.. featuring cops sworn to protect you,… being the ones to execute you!!!,.. and then LIE ABOUT,.. STRAIGHT FACED!!!!

    How about that folks??!!!!,… NOW thats entertainment!!!,… isn’t it??!!

    Yes, yes people,… this is an amazing spectacle!,….

    Witness NOBODY doing anything to stop this!,.. watch Congress give away the last vestiages of American wealth and power,..

    Watch the International Banksters,.. and their Global Terrorist Mafia,.. under the direction of the Rothchilds,… rape and pillage the enitre planet!!!!

    WOW,.. what a show people!,.. WHAT A SHOW!

    But don’t worry if you missed it up to now,… with the coming economic collapse,… YOU TOO,.. WILL BE PART OF THE SHOW!!!!!

    Its going to be a great show people,.. so don’t miss you own execution!,.. step right up, right now,.. and do nothing as the Enemy Force In Occupation of the United States finishes destroying the most prosperous nation in the history mankind,… RIGHT BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES!!!!!

    No tricks or illusions here people!!,.. just good ol’ fashion nation destruction!!!

    (People thronging to the ticket master to get their front row seat ticket!,……)

    JD – US Marines – It really is little more than a carnival atmosphere of debauchary and pyschotic-mania as we go into our final days.

    1. Welcome back, my friends
      to the show that never ends.
      We’re so glad you could attend!
      Come inside! Come inside! – Emerson, Lake & Palmer

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