Police State Exercise at Missouri Mall

Infowars – by Kurt Nimmo

Considering the fact cops never stop “active shooters,” one has to ask what the point is in closing a mall in Missouri and conducting a training exercise.

From the ConnectMidMissouri website:

The Columbia Mall will be swarming with police and their vehicles Monday night for scheduled training.

The mall asked the SWAT team to perform an active shooter training on location at 2300 Bernadette Drive. The training will occur inside the mall, and no one will be allowed inside once the mall is closed.

Vehicles, officers and volunteers will be on location starting at 6 p.m., although the actual training exercise will not begin until the mall closes at 9 p.m.

Training is scheduled to be completed at midnight.

Enterprising journalists in Missouri might travel to the mall and ask business owners and shopkeepers what they think of surrendering their income so the state can stage this fiasco.

Cops don’t stop “active shooters” or very rarely any other kind of shooters – armed citizens do.


3 thoughts on “Police State Exercise at Missouri Mall

  1. Kind of dumb, and as usual, a waste of tax payer money. It’s always a waste of taxpayer money, everywhere you look. They never have any problem glorifying themselves on our dime.

    It’s waste of time, because by the time these guys show up, it’ll be over.

    Armed defense is on the scene as it happens is the only way.

  2. it’s terrorism.
    the u.k. does these a lot.
    it’s just to keep people in a state of fear – in other words TERROR.

    you dont need to kill or injure people to terrorise them – but it’s still terrorism.

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