Gun Control in Australia – Watch and Weep

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When a country takes away guns from its citizens it’s in big trouble as they are finding out in Australia.

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4 thoughts on “Gun Control in Australia – Watch and Weep

  1. Do the cops have to leave their guns at the station when they are off duty, and if not why not. It also makes me wonder if these home invasions were done by off duty cops as a way to do a unregulated house search. You can also bet your last dollar that there is going to be some of them guns that were turned in never got destroyed and is probobly at some LEO`s gun collection at their home.

  2. To hell with that. I’d rather be dead. This really is our last hope. This isn’t about loving guns or being into gun culture and so on. This is about the RIGHT to own a gun and protect yourself and your family. This goes beyond a piece of machinery. This is much bigger than that. The gun is only the mechanism through which we keep the government from completely controlling and ruling over us. They’ve figured out how to rule over us in every way but this. What is amazing, is the harder they push, the more it awakens more and more people across this nation. Maybe the founders knew it would have that effect. The thing is, the enemy will try to take the guns away because as the collapse approaches, an armed public is their biggest fear.

  3. I’ve been to Australia, and the people there are some of the friendliest, most outgoing that I’ve met anywhere. I have nothing but sympathy for their plight, but by the same token, they have brought this upon themselves for giving up their guns after one single false flag attack.

    At least here in this country, people aren’t falling for the banana in the tailpipe. All this treasonous so-called ‘govt.’ has managed to do is to drive us to record gun and ammo sales with their transparent false flags.

    That’s a good thing, says I.

    A VERY good thing.

  4. G’day

    Interesting to note that gun ownership has recently increased in Australia:
    The average citizen is not part of this this new ownership.

    We all know that Port Arthur was a setup:

    I live in a residential area near a regional city in NSW and it is really bad. The honest people have been disarmed and the villains still have their legal , and illegal firearms. When the sun goes down it sounds like a war zone as they go hunting local fauna and road signs. The local Police are useless. They have an analogue radio system that anybody with a scanner can monitor, and of course every villain has a scanner, so when we ring in to report any crime, the villains have plenty of warning to hide.
    Those of of us with guns have to keep them dismantled in a gun safe.

    We are living in fear!!!

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