Police to use parents, family friends, teachers and faith leaders to identify extremists


DHS’s “Countering Violent Extremism” (CVE) task force is all about promoting American ideals or American propaganda as page 3 of  DHS’s “Strategic Implementation Plan for Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the U.S.” states.

The CVE task force is about to embark on a national extremist program that will make the McCarthy era, pale in comparison. Nearly, every governmental agency is preparing to convince American families and communities that violent extremists are everywhere.  

“Successful efforts to counter violent extremism are, in large part, predicated on trust. Trust among members of a family or peer group; trust within a community; and trust among government, law enforcement, and the communities they serve.”

Who’s behind CVE?

It appears, that DHS is in charge of promoting CVE. Many of CVE’s agencies are part of Homeland Security.

Right about now, you should be asking, are there any government agencies that aren’t looking for American extremists?

The ‘war on terror’ is about to get worse, the Feds plans to use teachers, doctors and faith leaders to look for extremists.

Universities, teachers and doctors on the lookout for violent extremists

“Stakeholders are those who have an expressed or identified role in countering violent extremism and include, but are not limited to: Federal, state, tribal, territorial, and local governments and law enforcement; communities; non-governmental organizations; academia; educators; social services organizations; mental health providers; and the private sector.”

Faith leaders and private companies on the lookout for violent extremists

According to Task 3.2 numerous behavioral and mental health professionals, faith-based leaders and other non-government representatives are working on ‘local CVE intervention teams.’ Their mission; to identify extremists.

Big Brother also plans to use parents and family friends to look for extremists.

DHS to publish CVE propaganda materials for parents and family friends

“DHS and DOJ will develop a library of summaries tailored to particular stakeholder groups including state and local government and law enforcement, public health professionals, educators, parents, and community leaders . DOJ and DHS, in coordination with the CVE Task Force, will widely distribute these summaries when appropriate.”

“The CVE Task Force will coordinate the development and dissemination of resources describing possible warning signs as well as steps families and friends can take if they believe someone close to them is becoming recruited or radicalized to violence.”

Basically the CVE task force plans on sending materials to everyone.

According to Task 2.4 [Police] Departments will use “Community Awareness Briefings” and presentations to build extremist awareness.

Sustained dialogue draws attention to concerns from the public and can help communities understand the reasons behind actions by government entities.”

This is incredible, police departments plan on using sustained dialogue or propaganda to convince parents and communities the ‘war on terror’ is never-ending!

National CVE program to be snuck into existing safety initiatives

“The CVE Task Force will cooperate with a variety of departments and agencies to find opportunities to integrate CVE activities into existing public safety initiatives and networks, such as those focused on bullying prevention and Internet safety.”

“The CVE Task Force will identify and build awareness of promising programs to support the expansion of effective local CVE initiatives around the Nation.”

College students taking the University of Maryland’s CVE course play a major role in determining CVE programs.

DHS bribes students with ‘attendance credits’ to join CVE

“Five semesters of course work specific to career development for CVE focused career paths (please note: this course work is listed below as CVEF: Career Development Parts 1-5 and provides credit for attendance at and reflection on career development and personal enrichment events throughout the CVEF program.)”

CVE students must commit to attend two DHS Career Development Conferences and promise they’ll work for DHS for one year after graduation.

CVE trainers have close ties to DHS and law enforcement

  CVE Training Guidance and Best Practices:

 Goal 3: A training provider whose organization has an existing productive relationship with local government and communities is likely to be more effective and to focus on educating rather than persuading.

Students CVE theories and ideological materials to be used nationwide

The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) is heavily involved in CVE education and training.

START is where students design thinking methodology to develop their own concepts for CVE programming!

START’s, CVEF program will let students explore CVE theories and strategies and to develop their own CVE project ideas. CVE students will work on community outreach programs, community-building programs, and/or counter-ideology programs.

In other words, student’s CVE theories and programming will be used to detain, arrest or mark a person as an extremist.

Police to take advantage of people’s trust to spread CVE propaganda
In other words, police will take advantage of the community’s trust to spread CVE propaganda.
What’s behind CVE training?

If you guessed money and fear give yourself a gold star.

DHS has been hard at work, making financial resources available to create its national CVE program.

CVE propaganda to extend beyond prison

“Drawing on existing research and models, DOJ, in coordination with the CVE Task Force, will identify and support the development of disengagement and rehabilitation programs for possible use by the criminal justice sector in cases involving violent extremism . Such programs would be tailored for individuals in the justice system as well as those reentering society following incarceration.”

In other words, our government plans to brainwash prisoners.

Think about what America has become.

Shortly after 9/11, DHS created its first national citizens’ spying program called “If You See Something, Say Something.” Fast forward fifteen years, now they’re trying to convince Americans, that your neighbor, friend, classmate or fellow churchgoer could  also be an extremist.!

Where does it end? If we don’t speak out and tell politicians to stop spying on us, the ‘war on terror’ will truly be a never-ending war.


6 thoughts on “Police to use parents, family friends, teachers and faith leaders to identify extremists

  1. They’re a “day late and a dollar short” with this nonsense, because there’s already too much resistance to it.

    There are a lot of people who might be presently identified as “liberals” who want nothing to do with communism, and are jumping ship now that the communist agenda is too obvious to hide.

    Even most hard-core liberals understand the importance of the Bill of Rights, and they’re shifting loyalties as they see it being shredded.

    Most doctors, teachers, and faith leaders will NOT be reporting anyone, but it’s best to watch what you say until you’re sure about who you’re talking to, because there will be a few idiotic zealots among them.

    1. What they’re NOT saying here is that they will probably try to identify people in your neighborhood who are financially strapped, and willing to spy for the government for a few extra bucks.

      As the truth continues to spread, more and more people are eager to work against them rather then willing to work for them, but someone in a financial bind can be turned into a local rat real easily.

      1. “… willing to spy for the government for a few extra bucks.”

        Or merely even for food at some point, JR.

        Starvation is a powerful weapon.

  2. DHS, let’s skip the BS about the CVE. Just put me on your list . While I am not violent, unless provoked,;by your standards, I am an extremist. I was raised in a generation that was taught to question authority. If that is now a crime, I’m guilty. Looking for a fight? Bring it on.


  4. OMG, i am shocked, i had no idea the most violant entity on the planet, claims it wants to stop violant behavior, kinda makes u go hmmmmm…

    Some people just want to be free & left alone, and yeah, when ur enforcer goons, whatever form that takes, tries to force their will & edicts on them, they will resist, violently if need be….

    Really no other way to stop a rabid dog, as far as i know….than to use violence…

    “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun”….
    Mao Tse Tung….

    Im sure all these commie maggots agree with Mao, don’t they….

    Shit ive been on a list since the day i was born…..and these maggots better highlight my name….DTTNWO……just death, violant or not, that is the goal….then maybe we can live in relative peace amongst ourselves without government tyranny….!

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