Poll: Brits List Trump as 2019’s Top ‘Villain’ over Corbyn and Jeffrey Epstein

Breitbart – by Kurt Zindulka

In its annual list of ‘Heroes and Villains’, a UK based polling company found that a plurality of people in Britain think United States President Donald Trump is the world’s biggest villain, beating out the likes of Jeremy Corbyn and Jeffrey Epstein.

For the fourth consecutive year, President Donald Trump has topped a poll of the UK public’s list top ‘villains’, with 39 per cent of those surveyed saying that the American president is the world’s biggest villain, though that is eight points down from last year. 

The 70-year-old socialist leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, came in at second with 29 per cent edging out convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who came in third with 28 per cent, according to the market research company Opinium.

The poll which surveyed 2,000 people put Planet Earth presenter and climate change alarmist David Attenborough atop the list of heroes with 35 per cent, followed by 16-year-old Swedish climate change activist Gerta Thunberg.

Extinction Rebellion, the climate protest group that shut down London earlier last year made both lists, with nine per cent listing the left-wing group as a hero, and 13 per cent listing the group as a villain.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, following his landslide victory in last month’s Brexit election, was listed as the country’s third-biggest hero, with 19 per cent, besting Corbyn yet again who only six per cent of respondents listed as a hero of 2019.

Donald Trump’s popularity in the UK remains low, with only 18 per cent of the British public saying they have a positive opinion about the American president, compared to 67 per cent who hold a negative opinion, according to the latest YouGov polling.

Following Boris Johnson’s historic electoral success last month, the president took to Twitter to praise the prime minister’s victory: “Congratulations to Boris Johnson on his great WIN!”

“Britain and the United States will now be free to strike a massive new Trade Deal after BREXIT. This deal has the potential to be far bigger and more lucrative than any deal that could be made with the EU,” added Trump.

In October a poll conducted by Emerson College found that 62 per cent of Americans would support a bilateral free trade agreement between Britain and the United States. Official negotiations on any such deal will have to wait until the United Kingdom leaves the European Union at the end of this month.

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