Popularity of the AR-15 Among Women Rising


Here is a feel good story. The ladies out on the range. What could be better? Here we go:

What’s unique on this range is that all the gun owners are members of A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League—and they’re all firing AR-15 semiautomatic rifles.  

“I think there is a small bit of status for a gal that says she owns an AR-15,” said Juliana Crowder, president and co-founder of A Girl and a Gun. “Especially right now, since they’re so hard to get a hold of.” ( Read more: Aurora Shooting Survivor: ‘People Kill, Not Guns’)

Recent attempts to pass stricter gun laws are having an unintended effect: AR-15s are flying off store shelves. The rifles and their accessories account for roughly a billion dollars of the $4  Billion U.S. Gun Industry.

“The AR-15 is becoming extremely popular among women,” said Crowder. “Some women are very gadgety or want to be personalized, they’re painting them, getting these different grips and colors, and stylizing it. It’s very popular because they can build it to their own specifications– use it for fun, and feel pride of ownership in it.”

Crowder’s own AR-15 is purple—the same color as her former dance studio. An ex-dance teacher, Crowder now focuses her time on her all-female shooting league. In just two years it’s grown to 28 chapters in eleven states. (Read more: New York’s Assault Weapon Registration Begins)

“My favorite thing about my AR-15 rifle is the confidence I feel when I shoot it at the range,” said Girl and a Gun member Jennifer Galle. “It gives me a sense that I can defend myself, that I can do this, and it brings me peace of mind knowing that this is a weapon that I can use for my own personal protection.” (Read MoreNewtown Mom Makes Heart-Wrenching Plea on U.S. Gun Laws)

“We know we can be safe,” Crowder agrees. “We can be efficient. We can be effective to defend ourselves with that particular tool as our husbands and our fathers can.”

Great video over at  CNBC

H/T and more: CNBC

This vid is not too bad either. Senator Feinstein, take a look, just so you know what one is.


4 thoughts on “Popularity of the AR-15 Among Women Rising

  1. A purple AR-15? That’s disgusting.

    I don’t like this one bit, especially since there are so many women jumping on the “I hate men” bandwagon these days.

  2. I admit the purple is a bit of a turn-off. I have not customized mine — it is still black. Works for me.

    On the other hand, increasing popularity of the AR-15 (and other powerful self defense tools) is, I think, a good thing. And if it takes painting them purple to widen the market and appeal to more people (even women), could be a positive and empowering direction for all of us. Maybe more of us women who don’t “hate men” will become more visible, outspoken and help turn things around. At least I hope so.

    1. EE,
      I agree! Every time my wife or daughter sees a pink AR, or any other weapon that is artistically painted they freak out and just have to have it. I have been getting hints, here and there, that if I was to pink camo my wifes AR for mother,s day, I could really get a bunch of brownie points.

      Another point… Our church has a rather large Women’s Gun Club, and rumor has it that if an active shooter ever came to our church service they would immediately go meet their maker. hahaha!!!

      Another awesome thing is, here in Arizona we are not required to have a permit to conceal-carry, or open-carry. So, I can only imagine how many women’s purses are loaded with personal defense items. It’s actually a great feeling knowing that our women got our backs.

  3. I could care less what color a gun is (in a pinch) as long as it kills whoever’s in front of it.

    I’d bet the recipient (whoever’s in front of it) wouldn’t much care either.

    I suppose for some, it’s a fashion statement.

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