Post COVID World: The “New Abnormal”

Abel Danger

Public Service Warning: Potential for Lithium Being Added to Drinking Water – COVID Result: Anticipated Increase in Suicides – Fluoride Was the Precedent; Lithium is Next – Lithium for Mass Medication – COVID Commerce Reset Initiates More Suicides Than “Pandemic”

Ed.’s note: Get ready because as this COVID global commerce continues rolling out with increased draconian measures like forced mask wearing, social distancing (“social distancing” is a non-sequitur), lockdowns, the constant threat of a “second wave” and who knows what else, the global private corporate commerce cartels will start to push for lithium being added to drinking water. This faked COVID pandemic is now responsible for more deaths than the actual coronavirus (there is a likely tweaked coronavirus but there is no pandemic) with all the suicides resulting from people losing their businesses, unemployment compensation ending, their jobs gone, their incomes, the music industry destroyed and people prevented from gathering.  As this assault on us continues which is torture, we are going to start to see more suicides and they are going to skyrocket all over the world.

Fluoride was put in water as a precedent for governments to mass medicate you. The debate on the detrimental effects of fluoride in drinking water is still controversial, nonetheless, the precedent was set. Watch for “health officials” start to push for lithium in the drinking water to contain the number of suicides. This is what these psychopaths are going to try next to deal with the collapse of society because of the faked COVID pandemic. They will have one of their private corporations prepare a new bottled water product called “L Plus” or some such shit like that to mass medicate the population. They might just come in with psych meds as well for all we know. As the pandemic payments decrease watch the incremental increase in suicides.  Government magic money will start flowing into government health programs for psychiatric help and for psych meds. Once the fluoride was in the water it was only a matter of time before the lithium is added next.

Source: NIH

Psychiatric benefits of lithium in water supplies may be due to protection from the neurotoxicity of lead exposure

Eric E Brown 1 , Philip Gerretsen 2 , Bruce Pollock 2 , Ariel Graff-Guerrero 2

PMID: 29685207 DOI: 10.1016/j.mehy.2018.04.005


Introduction: Lithium is a medication used to treat bipolar disorder and may also prevent cognitive decline and suicide. Lithium is also found naturally, in levels well below clinical doses, in drinking water worldwide, and levels have been inversely associated with rates of psychiatric disorders. Lead (Pb) is another element in the environment but is a toxin of public health concern. Negative effects of chronic lead exposure and possible benefits of environmental lithium exposure appear complementary.

Hypothesis: Exposure to environmental lithium has associated benefits, which may be due to the mitigation of lead toxicity by lithium.

Methods: A series of reviews tested each element of the hypothesis. A systematic review clarified the psychiatric and medical correlates of lithium in drinking water. Non-systematic reviews clarified the harms of environmental lead, summarized experimental studies of lithium used to prevent lead toxicity, and explored overlapping biological mechanisms in lithium and lead exposure.

Results: Higher levels of lithium in drinking water were associated with lower suicide rates in 13 of 15 identified studies. While fewer studies were available for other outcomes, lithium was associated with lower rates of homicide, crime, dementia, and mortality. Lead was reported to be ubiquitous in the environment, and chronic low-level exposure has been associated with adverse effects, including effects opposite to the outcomes associated with lithium. Animal studies demonstrated that lithium pre-treatment mitigates lead toxicity. Neurophysiological correlates of lead and lithium exposure overlap.

Conclusions: Microdose lithium is associated with better psychiatric and medical outcomes, which are complementary to harms of environmental lead exposure. Experimental animal evidence is supportive, and lead and lithium impact overlapping neurophysiologic pathways. Therefore, several lines of circumstantial evidence suggest that lithium protects against the neurotoxic effects of lead. Further studies are required to clarify the benefits and mechanisms of low-dose lithium. There are significant public health implications if this paper’s hypothesis is true.


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  1. From someone who has a MS in counseling and BA in psychology (myself)–Lithium while used to treat “bipolar” is mainly used to treat what is the crazy side of “bipolar”–the “manic” in “manic-depression” (now called “bipolar disorder”)….so they are going to put lithium in the water (at God knows how many parts per million!) which would normally be used to treat folks gone bat-s**t crazy to calm them down, in water to turn “suicidals” (who are already super-depressed) into even more depressed? In other words, turn them into brain-dead zombies! All under the guise of decreasing harm of lead exposure–right, when they’ve been allowing lead in drinking water for decades….

    And if one thinks they can just buy drinking water in stores, guess what other companies will be adding lithium to their bottled water? Now all we need are water filter companies creating filters to filter out lithium…. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

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