Prepping 101: Bury a Rifle and Some Food

Guns America – by Paul Helinski

Everyone needs a plan B. And that got me thinking. From everything I see, there is a “master plan” that will lead us to a directed outcome, yet there is no way to tell what that is coming. You can’t take all of your survival supplies with you in daily travels ,and what are the statistical chances that you will have your survival supplies at hand should “the big one” pop? What if I’m on the way back from Legoland with my kids and there is a roadblock between me and home? Granted, at some point you have to accept that the One Above is in charge, but I do believe in due diligence. You can drive yourself nuts with the what ifs, but is it wise to hide some survival supplies, especially outside of your property? What kind of storage will last for years, and protect the contents inside from pests and water damage? I found a couple of large military containers that are cheap, and from what I can tell so far, they are also bone dry and indestructible.  

There is also the very real possibility that the master plan involves massive gun confiscations. And when they really do come for your guns, don’t think that it is going to be something that you can fight. Even local police departments have been outfitted with thermal imaging and smart weapons at this point. Unless you are part of a significant resistance force, your best bet is to let them in and let them take your guns, and hope they leave you some of your food.

After about 4 months in the elements, this Mosin Nagant M44 came out of the cylinder can in the same condition it went it, with no desiccant or O2 absorber. Also, don’t assume that there is going to be a political warning that the confiscation is going to happen. That isn’t the way it works historically. Kristallnacht was a recent example in a western society. Everyone thinks that the movie version of this debacle was how it went down, but it wasn’t a killing spree. That night in 1933 was all about collecting up the guns. The next day Germany passed wide sweeping gun control measures where the Jews were not allowed to own guns. Murdering psychopaths are driven by success in their evil. They aren’t going to tip you off that next Thursday is turn over your guns day. I’m on a list. You’re on a list. For most large gunshops and all the bigbox stores, the form 4473s are being digitized and sent to the government. It is no secret that you are armed, and they will be coming to get those guns at some point soon.

The the box I put desiccant packs and these humidity gauges. They would not be holding at 10% of there was any leak at all. I hate to be the fearmongering bogeyman, especially because this is of course GunsAmerica, and it would appear that I’m pandering to the choir. But to some degree our 2nd Amendment rights have become part of the hubbub game of media distraction. Nobody will ever convince me that the political machinations mean anything at this point. We are in death throws of society, clinging to a false prosperity that we have stolen from the future, and the powers that be are attempting every day to “extend and pretend,” so that they have one more day to get their own survival plans in place. As I have explained at length,the planet is being geoengineered into massive die off, one of which you are I are going to be a part, like it or not. At some point the people running the show are going to kill anyone who resists, and even those who insist on maintaining weapons of resistance. Every totalitarian government has done that in the past, and when our resources finally can’t be faked anymore, this one will be no different. They aren’t gearing all of these local police up for nothing. I’ve even seen in the rural middle counties in Florida that they are putting the older cops, who would most likely not side with the government in a collapse situation, on court duties and desk jobs while hiring young guys from the cities to do the patrolling. This is going down, and it is going down soon.

I realized that the space you would take up with a desiccant pack is really a waste. One of the packs I bought is the same size as a pound of rice. The other is about the same size as this 5 lb. bag of beans. Can't eat desiccant, but either of these dried foods will act as a humidity absorber in the cans. For me, that’s the rub when it comes to hiding a weapon and ammo, especially a rifle. You can’t just hide a rifle in a tupperware container buried in the backyard and expect it to be there in functional condition two years later. And yes, by the way, it could be two years, or even ten years down the road, even though I make this all sound imminent. Imminent is a matter of perspective. I value each day of “extend and pretend” myself, because it gives me the chance to get my own resources in place. But they would not be doing this so forcefully in the short term if big changes were not afoot. Those young obedient cops won’t stay young and obedient for many years. I don’t think we have ten years to wait.

A taken down AR easily fits in the box can. The question we all have to ask ourselves is, if my guns are taken away, do I want to have the ability to arm myself one last time to protect my family? My answer is yes. And I hope at least some of you appreciate that I am willing to say this in a public forum with my real name, because I’m sure it has been noted on my file at my regional Fusion Center. If you don’t know what those are, look it up.

I also do think that your focus should be on a rifle. I wrotean article about this a while ago for this column, and will repeat it here. There is no such thing as a powerful handgun. Handguns are great for difficulties in interpersonal relations, but once you get over 50 yards or so, it is really hard to hit things with the small sight radius, and there just isn’t that much power when you do manage to hit. I actually just put out an article on the Taurus Raging Bull in .44 Mag, but think about this. A 7.62x54R rifle round from a cheap Mosin Nagant has the same power in it as a .44 Magnum at the muzzle. You can still get a beat up Mosin for $200 or so. Cut it down and bury in in a steel container with a couple hundred rounds of ammo. If you can afford it, hide one somewhere along the path of every major road into or out of your home.

Other ideas would be a shotgun. A pistol grip 8 shot Mossberg 500 and a KSG both fit fine. My experiments with these two cans are still in progress. I decided to get the article out because for one, I know the guy has 50 or so of each size, and so far my tests have been flawless. I left a Mosin M44 in the cylinder one for 4 months, out in the rain with nothing else. I didn’t put an oxy absorber and I didn’t put moisture absorbing desiccant packs. If there was any leakage, that rifle would have been severely rusted, but it came out exactly the way it went in. In the second can, the rectangular box, I put desiccant packs and a couple humidity measuring dials. If that container had any leaks to the outside world, the packs would have absorbed all the moisture long ago and the humidity percentage would at least be up to our normal level here in South Florida, which is 70-80%. Both dials read 10%.

The cylinder has fins at the bottom that the butt of the rifle fits in.At first I was going to put the desiccant packs in with two rifles for this next phase, but then I was thinking, why would I do that? I have a limited amount of space and if Heaven Forbid I ever need the rifle that is in this can, I’m not going to be in good shape for any supplies at all. Better that I should use good old rice as my desiccant (which is still used for dried flowers and seedsaving today), and fill the bucket up with as much food and useful supplies as I can.

How hard would it be to hide one of these things? . Now, I’m not advocating that you bury a firearm on public land, or even someone else’s private land, but if you were to do such a thing, finding a place to do so wouldn’t be that hard. With Google Earth you can see where, on the side of the road, there is an area where it will be unlikely that someone would go looking. You could pull over and pretend to be using the woods for the facilities, then carry your can in when someone isn’t coming. As long as you have good landmarks, and have a good GPS fix, returning to the spot wouldn’t be that hard either. You could then pretend to break down, and pretend to need to go use the woods again. When you come out with your can, who is going to bother you?

So we’ll see how it goes. Obviously you can take apart an AR a lot smaller than either of these cans, so your local Army surplus store may have a good candidate. There are also smaller cans on Ebay. I think a regular bolt rifle could break down and fit in the cylinder one. . Measure from the tip of your barrel to the back of the action. It is an interesting idea to say the least. This week my column is more about sharing something I found than it is about learning how to do something with a lot of details. See the pictures for more.

The box can don't fit a lot of barreled actions, let alone fully assembled actions. The cylinder has far less cubic inches, but it is longer and you could probably drive a truck over it.
Subtract an inch or so for this foam pad at the top, or cut it off. Both containers have brand new looking gaskets.
An AR, six full mags, some ready food and some cookable dried food, all packed up. Note the humidity level. If we are still talking about all of this next summer I'll revisit this subject and see how the cans are doing.
If you are on a budget, I am a big advocate of the Mosin-Nagant rifle. They are reliable and fairly accurate. It probably is smarter to leave your ammo out of your mags to conserve the springs, but I put it in to conserve space.
The one pound bags of beans and rice are much better for the cylinder container. You can get away with 5 lb. bags in the box can. The ration bars are at most Walmarts for $5. They are made by Mayday, which I have explained in past articles can be bought online in bulk.
Mylar pack tuna is cheap and takes up little space. Lifestraws are now on Ebay for like ten bucks each as military surplus. You might want to think about putting some of them and water purification tabs in your bucket.
I would also include an alcohol stove if you can. Walmart has Esbit type stoves for cheap, and this black stove is on Ebay for like $30. It is a backpackers rocket stove and comes with solid fuel and can also burn sticks. The cylinder has a very sure locking mechanism.
Unless you need the length, you are better off with the box can though. It has way more space for food and supplies.

3 thoughts on “Prepping 101: Bury a Rifle and Some Food

  1. I wouldn’t rely on GPS to locate your cache. It will most likely be encrypted and useless to the general public when the SHTF

  2. I’m not burying stuff, they’ll be plenty of guns and food to take off those fallen and, they wouldn’t bitch at you if ya did. I ain’t storin’ nothin’ I gotta dig up on the run. You think you can sneak back once your driven off? Maybe, then again, maybe not. I’m not against excellent hiding places but spare me the shovel. I’ll take my chances with havin’ things mobile, if necessary. In the mean time, if you want my stuff, come get it.

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