2 thoughts on “President Obama: Do you really love America?

  1. “President Obama: Do you really love America?”

    You have to be a brainwashed moron to even ask that question. Here’s a better one: “If you wanted to destroy this country, what could you do that Obama hasn’t already done?”

  2. The only America he loves is his idea of what he wants from us all
    His idea of America isn’t our idea of America or our founding fathers
    His plan is to destroy every facet of what once was a great and free nation
    And render us all government slaves
    He’s in love with that vision and is doing one heck of a bang up job getting there so far , because too many of us are just taking it up the back side and not refusing to comply
    If we the people make our government irrelevant ,, it will be irrelevant

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