Paedophile teacher immortalised on school memorial gates with the words ‘He touched us all’

Independent – by Christopher Hooton

A school in Sydney paid tribute to a teacher alleged to be a “notorious molester” with an inscription on its memorial gates that read “he touched us all”, Australia’s royal commission has heard.

Former Knox Grammar School student Scott Ashton told the inquiry he was deeply confused by the memorial at the school, the response of which to the abuse allegations is the subject of the investigation.  

Ashton said that Bruce Barrett, who died young, was a “notorious molester” but prior to his conviction of five counts of indecent assault and two counts of sexual assault in 2009 students were expected to pay tribute to him.

“The fact that he was so well regarded by the school despite being a notorious molester made me feel very confused and powerless,” he said.

“I felt ashamed of my abuse. I was deeply ashamed and unable to discuss it with anyone.

“It was an issue which I avoided because any reminder of it would cause me severe stress and interfered with my ability to function and cope on a day-to-day basis.”

Mr Ashton alleged that Barrett would chase and tickles his pupils, and used to announce “watch out boys, it’s a read tie day” meaning he would be caning people.

The 44-year-old said that he was asked to stay behind after class by Barrett one day, but instead of being caned was sexually assaulted.

Five former teachers at the prestigious school have been convicted of sexual assault, while the inquiry has heard allegations made against a further three members of staff.

2 thoughts on “Paedophile teacher immortalised on school memorial gates with the words ‘He touched us all’

  1. I guess he nailed these kids in the butt so many times they forgot they were men, or one of them would have plunged a knife into his chest.

    If he was a “notorious molester” why wasn’t he hanged from a tree, or beaten to death with golf clubs?

    I”m not very old, but I can still remember when any adult who improperly touched a child got his ass kicked for it. These molesters exist because Daddy’s a hen-pecked sissy who won’t lift a finger to stop it.

  2. Amen Jolly. When I was in junior high in 1963 I wasn’t even aware of homo’s or pedophiles. Even though this was a public school my home room male teacher was a Catholic Priest. We had these desks with a top with an open bottom area for legs feet etc. One day I happened to be seated in the front row. This guy came up right in front of my chair while speaking to the whole class and put his legs on either side of one of my knees. After a few seconds I became incensed and got up to smash this guy. He ran out of the room with me in hot pursuit. He made it to the principles office and locked the door behind him like the scared little rat he was. I got suspended. But, I wasn’t in his homeroom anymore. Oh yeh, and me and some buddies payed a visit to his house one night. He never answered the door, but he left town shortly after never to return.

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