President Obama’s Jobs Plan and Taliban-Ahmed

So does anyone out there believe there is any way in hell the good Republicans in the Congress would ever pass Obama’s socialist jobs bill?  Not a chance in hell, right?  Wrong.  There might be one way – an attack on the homeland.   You know like in New York and Washington DC like last time and the next day, neo-cons and social communists alike are rallying around the Rat.  The legislation passes and we are off to another war, which is going to put a hell of a lot more than $400 billion into the pockets of the corporate elitist military war complex scam.

The propagandists have been working for weeks trying to get us into 9/11 mode again, the terror and the horror, straight from the lips of the victims, the re-run of the re-runs of the tragedy.  I was joking about this just this morning with my wife as it was playing across the screen.  I started singing, “Oooh that frightening feeling, oh, oh, that frightening feeling, I’ve got that 9/11 feeling, like it happened today, hey hey.”

After there was no Republican response to Obama’s Address to the Joint Congress, because he lied about how long it was going to be and the Republicans did not want to interrupt the NFL opener, it was perfect timing.  No more had they began to discuss the address, when, Boom!  News Flash!  We have credible reports that Taliban-Bin-Laden is going to attempt to blow us up on the anniversary of 9/11.  Then five minutes later, News Flash! The United States may be going to Code Red in the morning.  (They schedule these things?)

So now, if old Taliban-Ahmed does manage to blow some of us up, of course with the help of our CIA and Mossad,  Obama will become a genuine peace-prize-winning president.  And can he win reelection?  Oh yeah.  Can I hear an Amen?   Amen.  You know, just like George Bush was reelected through war fever and was allowed to give his good friends in the international corporate mafia $10 trillion before anyone really realized what was going on.

So I wonder where Taliban-Ahmed has been undergoing his CIA/Mossad training?  Iran?  Israel?  Or maybe right here at home, like the 15 Saudi nationals that hijacked those planes that were flown by remote control after the computers took over into those buildings.

And why such a grand display?  Well when I said the only way they could stop Ron Paul was to kill him, I guess I had not considered every option open to a dictatorship, operating a secret government.   I think it became clear to these maniacs after last night’s debate that Ron Paul was unstoppable.  And I am afraid we are about to witness their contingency plan.

No matter what they stage, we cannot fall for it and we cannot allow anyone else to.  These are what are known as desperate times and if you think these maniacs are not capable of desperate measures; you are beyond stupid and deserve exactly what you get.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I had the same thoughts after watching that joke of a broadcast. I’ve seen better scripts in comic books, yet I’m sure some of the sheep will buy it hook, line, and sinker. This is their last ditch effort to try and stop Ron Paul. I don’t buy it and I hope the people who have been opening their eyes in recent months won’t either.

  2. Our local news made an announcement, a few minutes ago, that there is a new active threat, extra police have been put on duty here + the Pentagon, and we are in “High Alert.” What a surprise!

        1. Keep us updated. If something does happen we will begin pointing out the discrepancies immediately. Perhaps an attack Sunday during the football games, that way it will give them plenty of time to change and re-change the story before the truly stupid tune in.

          1. Something’s going on, Henry. I live about a mile from Ground Zero. St Vincent’s Hospital (now closed) was the closest hospital and it’s at the end of my Street. A lot of sirens just went by. Choppers are close over head, fire trucks, a black armored NYPD 18 wheeler with what looked like some kind of crane, and detective SUVs all just raced by and traffic on Bleecker has been stopped. Can’t find anything on any of the local channels. Will keep you posted.

          2. They’re responding to so-called threats by setting up check points on bridges and such. They’re saying that they have a lead on 3 individuals who are from Afghanistan who have bombs. Now they’re saying they are sending a 500 cop attachment for all of this.

            “MSNBC” a couple of minutes ago

          3. Bloomberg announced that last night, during his Press Con. Today, NYC has been a Police State. Almost as bad as when we were under Marshall Law after 9/11/01. This is going to be a LOOONNGG weekend.

          4. FINALLY heard what happened. Hackers put out word that a small plane had crashed into Ground Zero. Things are a bit quieter today. Only hear the sirens about every 3-4 hours and no choppers. At 4:45 pm (broad day light} there was a cluster of explosions, just West of me toward the Hudson River, that sounded like a fireworks finale. If I were a cat, you’d just now be able to pull my claws out of the ceiling. LOL Surely, they won’t have the poor taste to put on a fireworks show this weekend…

          5. Unbelievable! There’s a Fireworks Show going on right now! Just what the F do they think they’re Celebrating?! This is the Ultimate in Bad Taste! What an Insult!

  3. “All we need is the right major crisis and the world will accept the New World Order” -David Rockefeller These bankers have given themselves the rope that will hang them.Henry Ford said that if only people understood how they were manipulated by central banks there would be a revolution tomorrow.Check out on your browsers conversation AAron Russo had with his Rockefeller buddy.Rothschilds are the scum of the Earth.Their personal family fortune,although unknown for sure due to secrecy,is estimated to be in the trillions of dollars.Their personal bank is located inside London,in a place callled the City of London,completely autonomous and answerable to nobody.They run the world and consider that we shall never be the wiser.It is verifiable proof that Al Gore didn’t invent the internet or they would have mercifully assassinated the boot lickin’ fool long before now!Jobs programs?I’ve got a jobs program for you.Let’s audit the Fed which was designed to impoverish you,follow the trail of wealth they have stolen from you,repatriate our stolen wealth,collectively appologize to the peoples of the Middle East for our fear and the inexcusable ignorance that spawned that fear,tell them that there is no way we can ever make up for the death and destruction we have caused to they and their children and thank them wholeheartedly for standing up to the tyranny that we’re to chicken shit to do in our own Country.Let’s get rid of the Fed in particular,central banks in general and this will necessarily destroy the corporatism and elitists who thrive off of the madness that can only take place because of our own complacency.Henry said himself “We are many.They are few.The towers were taken down by controlled demolition.Check it out Building 7 fell although it wasn’t hit by anything.Thermite was all over the place.Do you really believe the Pentagon could have been hit when We have fighter jets that can scramble and neutralize aerial threats over Washington in as little as eight seconds?Use your heads!Our Government is run by the New World Order.It ain’t lookin’ good.Better wake up,America.

  4. Post Script George Bush,the well known buddy of the Bin Laden’s publicly stated that” the Constitution of The United States of America is nothing but a God damned piece of paper.”I’ve got some news for you,you skull and bones piece of shit,that Constitution is made of hemp.The same material that will leave you speechless.

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