The Worm has Turned, the Cream is Rising, Ron Paul Cannot be Stopped

At present Ron Paul has 57.4% of the vote on the MSNBC Poll.  Wouldn’t you think that as MSNBC put on the debate they would be broadcasting the results of their online poll as a part of their mainstream broadcast?  But no.  The debate itself was designed to make Ron Paul look as if he did not belong, and it definitely succeeded in this area.  What these fools are now realizing is that not being like these establishment traitors is seen as a good thing by we the people.

Rick Perry, in his defining moment, attacked Ron Paul in reference to a critical letter he sent to Ronald Regan.  They have certainly done a smash up job in rewriting history to put Ronald Regan right up there with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Ronald Regan should not have lived long enough to die of Alzheimer’s.  He should have been prosecuted for the treason he committed and given 20 years at hard labor.  I guess that just goes to show how far our country has deteriorated, when something like Iran-Contra can be completely dismissed while hundreds of thousands of Americans sit in prisons and jails for possessing marijuana.

I also witnessed the tribute paid to that retched old bitch, Nancy Regan, who came out with the “Just say no” which morphed into a $40 billion a year drug war, which consists of nothing more than so called government agents protecting the big drug dealers at the top and in our government, while providing slave labor for the corporate prison system.

For all the lies and pain the elitist Regans caused to we the people, I hope they both burn in hell with their backs broke for eternity.  Wouldn’t it be nice for any unemployed person out there to have the money spent on the shrine put up for this wanton traitor?  And as for anybody out there who buys into this shit, there are no words in the English language sufficient to describe the depth of your stupidity.

It seems Rick Perry tried to put the Mason strong arm on Ron Paul and get in his face during a commercial break.  How cool would it have been to have come back to the debate with Perry lying flat on his plastic ass with Dr. Paul standing over him, spitting into his bloody face?  One thing is clear and that is that we are going to have to become aggressive in protecting Dr. Paul as things heat up.

Rick Perry is a punk.  I know women here on the reservation that could easily drop him like a bad habit.  So if you are reading this Rick, be advised, the only thing bad about you is your breath and the day is going to come when you do not have an army standing between you and the people you think you can piss on.   And when those cuffs sink into your wrists and you are stuffed into the back of a police car, think about the citizens you look down on as you shit yourself, you two bit coward.  We are all going to be watching as you cry like a three year old when  you walk up to be sentenced by that judge that does not know what a Mason handshake is and in fact despises the idea of secret societies.

The bottom line is we are going to vote Ron Paul in because he is not one of them.  We know who they are and what they are and we have had a gut full of them.   So by all means, keep setting Ron Paul apart as you do him honors in doing so.  And all you MSNBC propagandist pimps looking at your online poll, how does it feel to know you are on your way out?  We are laughing at you.

As for you Bilderbergers, you own the mainstream media sure enough, but the people own the net and quite frankly no one is buying your product anymore.  Oh yes, and how does it feel knowing justice is coming straight at you like a Mack Truck with no brakes.  And to all you socialist pimps out there who thought you were going to orchestrate another one of your meat puppets into the presidency, you are finished.  We the people are going to have our way on this one and every one to follow in our restored Republic, under our Constitution.  Now you go puke.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. That is appalling, that Ron Paul gets threatened by Rick “the punk” Perry. That may very well be the final nail in his campaign coffin. I guarantee you that if Perry or Romney had been threatened on stage like that, it would have had more media coverage than the President’s “speech” to Congress. If the GOP thinks that they are going to nominate one of their puppets and make them President, they are asking for a revolution of the non-peaceful kind! Any person who wants another four years of the failure that is Obama (Soetoro) is a damn fool that should join Soetoro on the deportation barge.

    1. Yes, Raymond. It is exactly that..appalling! Who IS this guy…another Al Capone? This behavior should be causing an absolute uproar but….next to nothing. Amazing!

      Yet in an age in which we have heard the vice president say “This is a big f***in’ deal” directly to the president while on camera and in range of audio pick up we should expect this type of low class behavior from these people by now.

      Regarding Regan I never understood why his term “trickle down economics” was not met with the righteous indignation it deserved. He could have at least used the phrase “flow down”…or even “flow through”. It was insulting and, I believe, meant to be. That shows the blatant disregard for the American people that has become the norm among these charlatans.


      1. By the way, Henry….really good article. Dr. Paul is a true Gentleman…a word one seldom hears used correctly of late…..and as such he outclasses them by his mere presence before uttering a word. I remember individuals like Perry from my school days….we called them “bullies”. I could offer several additional adjectives but why bother?

        I see…we have bully laws now for our schools but none for our presidential debates. Good God! We are witnessing the carnage of the values of human decency and basic behavioral decorum. Have we become a nation of uncivilized savage beasts that walk upright and speak but say nothing? In the former America that individual would have been immediately arrested for aggravated assault and disqualified as a candidate for any public office permanently.

        That is all I have to say about that, Lt. Dan.

  2. I tried to link this page but couldn’t,probably because of my own ignorance of computers.However anyone who feels they would like to gain knowledge of the true nature of the Fed should type this into their browser.The Federal Reserve-Its origins,History and current strategy.The role of the Federal Reserve in history’s wars is also a very informative read.It will take you approximately thirty minutes of your life to do this.I have researched this information from all sides ten times over and have found it is all true beyond any reasonable doubt or more specifically,any doubt at all.One search will lead to another as all these things are intertwined until the whole picture becomes crystal clear.This is why I do what I am doing now.I have never voted for a president in my life.I read a book when I was nineteen or twenty years old entitled The American Dream Lost And Found or something like that authored by Robert J. Ringer.He was a early Libertarian and introduced me to the evils of the Fed.I finally purchased a computer two years ago.I had no idea of the information that is at our fingertips.I was politically apathetic and as I watched only mainstream media,if I watched at all,I knew nothing of Ron Paul even though I was aware of the message he sends.I am embarrassed of myself for this sin of omission.There are many like me who only need to be aware.There is none so zealous as a convert.I have registered to vote.I have encouraged and sometimes succeeded in getting others in my own community to do the same.The truth will set you free.

  3. Notice Ron Pauls bodyguard right there at the podium ready to re-arrange Perry’s face. Here is 2000 video were Rick Perry verbally assaults a female police office (teller her to “let him get down the road without a ticket”). Rick Perry is not fit for president. He has some issues that are dangerous for this man to be anywhere near the presidents office.

    1. Oh…how sweet a picture that makes in the minds eye!

      So now we are heading toward barroom type brawls at presidential debates? Perfect! Great example for our youth. Sickening.

    2. LOL Now That’s the Ricky my Hubby and I know so well. Believe me, it wasn’t just because the officer was a female. Did you happen to notice the color of her skin? On top of that, he’ll say Anything to get his way. He blows like the wind. Without his Corporate Mob, he’s nothing. At A&M, he was always a whimp…a spineless snake (or, as Henry so aptly put it, a worm).

  4. This fool will be discredited by his own actions.As our economy self implodes over the next year,which it will,Ron Paul supporters will only grow not from study but rather necessity.The Fed is printing “dollars” to paper over THEIR debt to the world for stealing our wealth through fiat currency.It is destined to collapse and they know it.This was its designed purpose.Know your enemies better than your friends.Your friends don’t conspire to enslave you.

    1. Obamas speech last night is brings us dangerously close to socialism, next step communism. This roads and infrastructure jobs plan is needed, but it brings back some ugly memories. Could America be heading in this direction?

      I’m just wondering if this huge infrastructure project he is talking about is too heavy on the government controlled side of things. The people could be doing this on their own if allowed. Case in point. Henry’s metal fabrication and bridge design, Carl’s cement works, Angels asphalt and paving etc.

      Nothing is really changing here except that he promises to give people jobs, what about letting us decide what kind of life we wish to have? All we are doing is kissing Halliburtans’ ass here, as they are undoubtedly going to be the big contractor on the block with most of this . Mark my words, there is going to be no compete contract BS going on, and huge corruption all over again. We will be seeing some palms sticking out from under these well dressed clowns in Washington, as they lick their chops for bribes. Here is a great example of one below. This clown heads up the Oversight and Reform Committee.

      And here is the article I wrote on this so-called leader.

  5. A free market would decide our jobs if left alone by Government.For instance,if the jobs market needed 100,000 welders but had 200,000 of the same,the value of their services would be reduced.If,on the other hand,the free market needed 200,000 maids but had only 100,000 the value of their services would increase.This guarantees a healthy economy,under a gold backed currency that will automatically determine jobs and the pay thereof.Oversimplistic but true nonetheless.There is no freedom without free markets.The only regulation a truly free market needs is to regulate those who conspire to manipulate the free market to their own ends.

  6. Thank you.It appalls me that a President of the United States who has open contempt and blatant defiance of the People’s Constitution should pretend to tell you or me about how Government is going to be smart about “job creation.”It’s simply not the authority of Government in a free society to create jobs.We can all readily see where our jobs are because of this intentionally flawed philosophy.They’re in Asia along with our resources and our debt.

    1. Yep.Anybody unaware of that is either in complete denial of reality or brain dead…that is if there’s actually a difference there.

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